Immigrant’s Key to Philly’s Success

In November 1998 “Player” magazine included him in 14 “Fabulous Leaders of the Next Millennium”, on November 21, 2002 Daily News newspaper named him among 14 “Most influential Philadelphians with good growth prospects”, in 2007 his name was mentioned in main newspapers of Philadelphia…

David Oh – is not a new face in the political life of Philadelphia: he has participated in two City Council election campaigns.

Being born and brought up in the southeastern part of Philadelphia, he is acquainted with it’s needs very well. His father established the first Korean American church in Philadelphia in 1953. After graduating Central High School, David chose politics as his major and studied law in Rutgers University, where he organized an association of law students from Asia; he took part in a committee of  grants for ethnic minorities, organized a free program of legal help for immigrants from Asia and Americans of Asian origins, who could not afford a lawyer.

David Oh started his career in Philadelphia, practicing criminal law. After three years he quit and joined the army. In the school of officers he was given the rank of lieutenant. He served in US Army Special Forces.

In David’s opinion, Philly’s prosperity is hidden in ethnic and immigrant communities. His priority is economic growth of Philadelphia. He believes that the Russian-American community can help its implementation.

David wishes that Philadelphia will become an international city of world importance. He is going to stimulate international trade, foreign exchange market, and development of technologies; encourage entertainments, sports, education and art; improve surroundings, reduce taxes, fight street crime, give credits on taxes for those parents, who send their children to private schools; attract more immigrants.

He’s intend to develop ethnic communities, Russian as well, at the expense of financial investments into cultural centers, small businesses, city design; attract more customers and tourists.

David Oh hopes to be selected into City Counseling  in the following year. He has already attempted twice: in 2003 he was a candidate for the first time and gathered 100,000 votes, which was not bad for the first try. In 2007 he won the Election Day by 7 votes, but the following day he was told that none of the absentee ballots had been counted, and after three weeks he lost by 122 votes.

In spite of failure, David Oh is sure that an independent candidate can measure his strength with a political machine. He has exposed some influential officials and politic organizations; many of them were arrested for corruption. Some of those officials, who had escaped penalty, were speaking not in his favor.

David Oh showed himself as a true leader. He is well-known for his tireless energy, diligence and organizational skills. He manages to setup committees, raise funds, attract volunteers, and increase numbers of supporters.

He was able to gather 100 eminent leaders of Chinese people and other communities in Chinatown on May 5. They are going to support him in the election of 2011. Among them there was Attorney General and main candidate for Governor Tom Corbett and a member of municipality Maria Sanchez. Although David Oh is a republican, he has a great support of democrats and independent candidates.

David Oh is a wonderful candidate for City Council of Philadelphia. Remember this name and recall it when the time will come.

P.S. David Oh is ready to meet Russian-speaking voters.

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