7 Regent Lane Offers A Fine Custom Tailored Suits For Men

“You’ve got to be from a different planet if you don’t understand the importance of a dress shirt especially when you are wearing a suit. Dress shirts are a must have for every man; they’re like a woman’s white button down shirt, flexible and good for almost any occasion”, Melanie Lim wrote in her article.

But what is about a suit for man? A lot of young professionals would like to target good look, but often cannot afford expensive products. But they have a choice : 7 Regent Lane.

7RL is a Philadelphia/New York area business with7 Regent Lane: close ties to the startup community in Philadelphia and the fashion industry out of New York.  It was founded by two recent graduates of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School (WG 11) and a third partner who spent much of his career living in Europe.

The company that creates made-to-measure menswear for a dressed-down price.

A bespoke suit might coast a couple thousand dollars, but a custom cut from Philadelphia’s 7 Regent Lane starts at $349, and tops out at $549.

“We send you the fabrics, free of charge – swatches – of all the fabrics we have, so you can get a feel for it,” says co-founder Ramesh Subramanian to CBS News.

He said, they cut out the middlemen, buying directly from factories at reasonable prices. Customers help cut costs by doing the measuring themselves. Once the customer has created his measurement profile, select and customize the suit, with the help of 12 YouTube videos (they can also go to their own tailor, who uses 7RL’s iPhone or Android app to record the numbers).

“We offer a multitude of options that personalize your suit to truly define ‘you’. Each of these options have detailed graphics and descriptions to make the process user friendly. Choose type of fit, lapel style, or a number of jacket buttons.  Add pick stitching if you want to create a more elegant look. The tooltips provide additional  information on each option in the event you’re unsure on what to choose”. 7 Regent Lane writes on web-site.

“Anything from slim lapel to standard lapels. You can have a notch or a peak in the lapel. Choose the number of buttons, vents at the back,” Subramanian said.

Other touches include a ticket pocket and pick stitching on your slim- or relaxed-fit suit.

7 Regent Lane web store at http://www.7regentlane.com.

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    The freedom, luxury, style and comfort experienced when wearing a fine custom dress shirt gives any handsome guy a great feeling of confidence.

  2. Absolutely correct! It is so important for a man to feel comfortable in the suit he is wearing, especially to give that extra boost of confidence. I think that it can only be achieved through a perfect fit!

  3. dvaidjack says:

    Thismens white wedding suits is really awesome and very comfortable for my wedding i have ordered this suits and i am glad to wear it.


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