Atlantic City’s Tourism District Will Be Created

Good news from Atlantic City: the law creating Atlantic City’s Tourism District required that the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority create a master plan, which the CRDA board approved last week.

The CRDA took control of the district, encompassing about 1,700 acres, May 1.

Don Marrandino, Eastern Division president for Caesars Entertainment Inc., said to local media: “The master planning for our destination is crucial to moving us forward. All of these shareholders, along with the casino industry and business district, want what is best for our city . . . supporting top-notch entertainment bookings at Boardwalk Hall, along with signature events and festivals, are some of what’s key to our future success.”

According to CBS News,” proponents say the state-run district’s aim is to enhance the visitor experience and help broaden the array of offerings to make Atlantic City a world-class tourist destination that relies not only on gaming, but on conventions, cultural attractions, entertainment, and retail and residential development”.

The master plan is promoting cleanliness, commercial development and safety, and were unveiled prior to the board vote, which includes:

” Creating a series of connected neighborhoods along Atlantic Avenue.

Improvements to Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi Avenues.

Making Gardner’s Basin into an authentic waterfront experience.

Making Bader Field into a mixed-use residential area.

Developing new gaming and nongaming resorts, as well as a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, within the Marina District”.

Residents of Atlantic City suggest that first the Boardwalk should be clean. “An army of workers – in nice uniforms, on foot, carrying those trash-grabber sticks they use at Disney World – needs to be on the Boardwalk day and night picking up refuse,” local media said.

The boundaries are also Albany Avenue to the west, New Hampshire Avenue to the east, and the Boardwalk to the south, incorporating Atlantic City Outlets – The Walk outdoor mall, the Atlantic City Convention Center, Bader Field, the Marina District, and historic Gardner’s Basin.

Dennis Konzelman, 52, a resident of North Ohio Avenue, said to CBS News he represented the West Side Civic Association. He said the CRDA should not forget about the residents who live outside of the master-plan area.

“We need to see something happen right away to be sure this is going to come to fruition,” Konzelman said. “And also, how does this affect us, the residents? Just don’t forget about us.”

But as well, the master plan was necessary like a roadmap for the future.

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