Broad & Vine Intersection:New Redlight Camera

CBS News reported, “that the 20th red light camera in Philadelphia is now up and running in Center City.”

It is on the Broad and Vine intersection with a  camera. The camera is snapping pictures of drivers who do not stop on the red light There was a two-month grace period but that is over now.

Officials from the Philadelphia Parking Authority, said ” they surveyed the number of accidents and red-light violations in deciding which intersections get the cameras”.

“Broad and Vine was selected for a number of reasons. First and foremost, a number of accidents caused by red-light running and the amount of red-light running,” he said in CBS News. “It is a very busy intersection for pedestrians and vehicles.”

Violators will get a $100 fine in the mail.

The next intersection to get a camera will be Island and Lindbergh in Southwest Philadelphia.

Volger says 580,000 citations have been issued since the program began in 2005.

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