Christmas Village Or Holiday Village?

Christmas Village Or Holiday Village

In the and of November the private organizer of the Christmas Village, Thomas Bauer, issued a statement that “Christmas” in the village’s sign would be replaced with “Holiday”, –  the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

“People have to go to public buildings,” Bauer told the Daily News. “They shouldn’t feel offended. We want to stress that the name was not intended to upset anyone.”

When you mix people of various religious faiths you are bound to have those who love to see Santa and all the Christmas trimmings. On the other hand if you don’t celebrate Christmas it can be overwhelming to suffer through a month of non-stop Christmas cheer.

The German Christmas Village that is set up on Dilworth Plaza outside of City Hall caused a controversy when people objected to the word Christmas.

The word Christmas was taken down.

Then Mayor Nutter spoke with the Village organizers and the “Christmas” sign was added.

“The Christmas Village is not a religious service. It’s an outdoor fair. It’s a very commercial enterprise,” said Nutter.

For business owners and retailers this isn’t an issue of Christian vs non-christian, this is a matter of sales. They aren’t going to miss out on the chance to sell to all the holiday shoppers.

The one thing all these retailers can agree on is that the holidays are big business and they will do whatever they need to do to get the sales.

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  1. Neli says:

    Why is it that always is the Christian religion that gets nullified? I bet they would not have the nerve to do that to a Hanukkah or Kwanza….this is the Christmas Season, people like it or not. The movement to erase the word “Christmas” from its place is going strong. What are they trying to do? Make people forget that this is CHRISTMAS!


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