Crowdfunding Helps U.S. Skater Finance Olympic Dreams

When 24-year-old speedskater Emily Scott from Springfield, Missouri, saw her income cut by more than half in 2013, she knew she needed money to continue training six days a week and stay competitive.

She also needed to raise money to bring Craig, her “best friend and biggest fan,” to Sochi. Craig is Emily’s father. who raised her as a single parent and has supported her Olympic dreams since she began skating at age 4.

Emily decided to get creative in her fundraising by setting up a page on Thanks to the crowdfunding website and an article in the USA Today newspaper, she has raised nearly $49,000 from some 700 donors — enough to cover her expenses and allow her father to watch her compete.

“I feel like I have this huge family that actually cares about me and what I want to do and accomplish. Saying ‘thank you’ wouldn’t be enough. My dad told me the best way to thank them is making the Olympic team and showing them it was worth the money they spent on me,” she said.

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