Go Green with Your Evergreen

Go Green with Your Evergreen

What to buy: an artificial or a cut Christmas tree? Make your choice in favor of a cut Christmas tree.

Why so? Buying a cut Christmas tree is environmentally friendly, and the “greener” way to go.

Most cut Christmas trees are grown on farms as a crop, just like pumpkins, beans, or strawberries.  Each year, growers cut trees in the winter; and in the spring, they plant a few new seedlings for each tree that was cut.

They plant, grow, harvest, then plant more, and the cycle continues. So the Earth is not affected by Christmas tree crops. And farms help the planet because the many acres of evergreen trees take in carbon monoxide and give off oxygen.

Artificial Christmas trees are made from plastic, metal, and sometimes toxins such as lead. These trees are not biodegradable and will never break down once disposed of in a landfill. And they are sold in cardboard boxes. It means, a tree was cut in order to make the box.

Real Christmas trees are biodegradable so they can be shredded and recycled for mulch; used in ponds and lakes for small fish to hide. Real Christmas trees preserve ‘green space.’  Go green; buy a live or cut Christmas tree; and remember to stop and smell the evergreen during this busy holiday season.

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