Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute Gift

As long as you know a few key things about the people you’re giving presents to, then thoughtful gift-giving can be essentially effortless, say experts.

Monograms, favorite colors, scents that trigger childhood memories or this year’s hottest trends add the right level of detail to elevate a gift.

And don’t forget the pretty  gift wrap, that  makes the first impression.

Advice on turning a potentially boring gift into a great one:

A leopard-print scarf is fail-safe. It’s ageless and goes with almost any coat. With scarf women can transform any outfit into something romantic.

In winter season people really need the gloves. This holiday season are the ones that are convertible to fingerless ones — or even just arm-warmer

A sense of the wearer’s personal style is a must for a sweater. A cardigan is usually a safer bet for women turtleneck because it is easier to adapt “as your own”.

Men expect basic ties and shirts. Just don’t let it be their only gift.

In more traditional ties, a 3-inch width is the norm and a 2-inch tie is trendy.

For the friend who loves a particular designer but is watching his or her budget, a designer fragrance can be a really special gift, says Rochelle Bloom, president of the Fragrance Foundation, an industry trade group.

Also, fragrance is the perfect way to enjoy the scent of a favorite flower note — elegant rose, delicate jasmine, calming lavender — in a form sure to last much longer.

Once again, though, the key is knowing a little something about the person you are buying for.

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