Manifesto: Violinist DJ Virtuoso In Philadelphia

Born of two Irish immigrants during the early 1980s, DJ Manifesto — who spins at lots of Power Players Club events — has quickly become known for his ability to combine his European influences and American tastes with his unique violin craft.

He trained at The Juilliard School and spins at some of the world’s most popular venues — from Ireland to the Czech Republic. In the United States, he makes appearances at only the best venues, such as NYC’s Elevation and Living Room and Miami’s Nikki Beach and Club Space.

In 2006, he released his first single, “Shaken, Not Stirred,” which is still rocking radio airwaves. Since then, he has worked with top artists — such as  Nick Terrenova (from Starkillers), Paul Mendez (the No. 3 house DJ in America, DJ Feel (Russia’s No. 1 DJ), Johnathan Peters, Heavygrinder, Infected Mushroom, Victor Calderone and DJ Bobina.

Catch this violinist DJ virtuoso — who resides and spins in the Washington, D.C., area — live on the local circuit for a limited time at high-end nightclubs, such FUR, Tattoo Bar, Lotus, Josephine, Fly Lounge, Current, Ibiza and Spot.

But in this week you can enjoy his performance in Philadelphia.Wildiout Promotions and Benny the Bums present Manifesto: Violinist DJ Virtuoso December 10, night. Hurry! Come out and see him! (215) 673-3000

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  1. Going to be an awesome event. Everyone is welcome!

  2. Jack Muler says:

    Only one of it’s kind, dj/violinist/performer….


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