Mellow Yellow

Big bird and bananas were both on to something- the color yellow! It’s as hot right now as Lady Gaga’s career (let’s hope it lasts much longer). While yellow used to be reserved for the eccentric, it has become a signature statement piece for just about everyone. And what is that statement? Happinness. It may sound a little Woodstock, but the color has a glow to it that every skin color and body can pull off. The trick? The amount of hues in the yellow spectrum! There’s butter, bullet, mustard, gold, canary, daffodil, and highlighter (please don’t wear highlighter yellow), and so many more. Pale skin looks better in mustard yellow while darker skin can pull off essentially any version of the color; my favorite – butter.

The newest trend in this new trend is light yellow jeans. Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Kate Bosworth is sporting them with a simple white blouse. Remember… no black with your yellow or you look like a honeybee. If the color’s a little too extreme for you, another big trend this summer is yellow nails. Again the rule applies: light skin- darker yellow polish, dark skin- lighter yellow polish. Make sure you have 2-3 coats of the nail lacquer on each finger to prevent you looking like you have a case of jaundice.

The color block trend in the early ‘90s paved the way for the color to reign supreme today. While always a hit on runways, the yellow hues have made their way to the streets. Yellow has recently been showcased by Marc Jacobs and Sonia Sykiel. Whether you’re going bold or just aiming for sweet and summery, this hue deserves a chance. If you want to wear yellow and you’re not quite daring enough to pull it into a city piece, wear a feminine yellow outfit like a ruffled summer dress; this gives more of a subdued look.  The color yellow injects a different vibe into your monotone outfit. Check out the shade today before other fashionable females catch onto the tangy trend.

Danielle Petersen

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