U.S. Dollars Designed to Outsmart Counterfeiters

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer As the world’s most actively traded and principal reserve currency, the U.S. dollar is probably the most instantly recognized form of money on the planet. Its wide use also makes it a prime target for
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Fight Illicit Trade with Public-Private Partnerships, U.S. Says

By Phillip Kurata Staff Writer The United States is urging international action to fight illicit trade that is spreading at an alarming rate and undermining global growth and stability. Illicit trade covers everything from counterfeit designer bags to bogus medicines, weapons and humans themselves. “No single government or company can design and (more...)

Trade with Emerging Markets Benefits U.S., Study Says

Rapid economic growth in emerging economies benefits the U.S. economy by expanding markets for U.S. exports and providing U.S. producers and consumers with cheaper and more varied goods, according to a new study. The study, Rising Tide: Is Growth in Emerging Economies Good for the United States?, published (more...)

Philadelphia Opens 6 Financial Empowerment Centers In The City

The City of Philadelphia launched six Financial Empowerment Centers to provide free, confidential, professional financial counseling to Philadelphia residents. Philadelphia is one of five U.S. cities opening Financial Empowerment Centers thanks to a grant from the Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) Fund. The $3.3 (more...)

Russian, U.S. Officials Agree on Plan to Increase Trade

Russian and U.S. trade officials announced agreement March 18 on an action plan for 2013–2014 that will serve as a framework to guide bilateral economic cooperation. Making the agreement were Alexey Likhachev, Russia’s deputy minister of economic development, and Michael Camuñez, U.S. assistant secretary of commerce for (more...)

U.S. on Track to Meet Goal of Doubling Exports

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer President Obama says the U.S. economy is on its way to meet the goal of doubling exports from 2010 levels by the end of 2014, and he urged U.S. policymakers to advance free trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade (more...)

Hey “Sugar Mommas” & “Sugar Daddies: “Don’t Miss Out on This!

The qualifications required to claim federal tax exemptions can be confusing, especially for Americans who financially supported their significant other in 2012. To help taxpayers in this predicament, personal finance resource, www.GoBankingRates.com, investigates the IRS rules surrounding dependents and explains how certain unmarried couples can claim a $3,800 (more...)

How Does Improve Organization of Tax Collection Structure?

Startled by a recent newspaper report that more than 1,700 Philadelphia tax delinquents are receiving local property tax breaks, state Sen. Mike Stack sent a letter today to Mayor Michael Nutter, urging him to better organize the tax collection process. “With each passing month, there are more and more examples as (more...)

Dip in U.S. Unemployment Shows Recovery “Gaining Traction”

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer The U.S. Department of Labor’s jobs report for the month of February showed that 246,000 Americans were hired for new jobs, and the U.S. unemployment rate dropped two-tenths of a percentage point to 7.7 percent, the lowest recorded level since December 2008. Alan Krueger, chairman (more...)

Pennsylvania Interest Rates Much Worse Today Than in 2011

The Web's leading resource for local interest rate data, www.GoBankingRates.com, investigates historical deposit account rates offered by local Pennsylvania banks and credit unions in its latest rate study. The report finds that average CD and savings account rates in Pennsylvania have all fallen over the last (more...)

U.S. Central Bank Will Keep Interest Rates Low

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told U.S. lawmakers that the U.S. central bank plans to continue its current quantitative easing program of purchasing $85 billion worth of U.S. mortgage and Treasury bonds per month to help spur U.S. economic recovery by keeping interest (more...)

Trans-Atlantic Trade Deal a “Unique Opportunity” for U.S., EU

Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. relationship with Germany is one of its “most vibrant” global alliances, and that a proposed trans-Atlantic trade deal with the European Union would help to lift the economies of both participants, as well as raise global trading standards. Speaking (more...)

Mayor Announces Mailing Of Property Assessment Notices

Mayor Nutter and City officials provide update on the Actual Value Initiative (AVI). Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that Property Assessment Notices for tax year 2014 for residential, commercial and industrial properties are being mailed and are available online today.  The Assessment Notices reflect, for the (more...)

U.S. to Auction Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Exploration

Oil and gas prospectors will be able to bid on leases March 20 to explore and develop petroleum resources in the central Gulf of Mexico as part of the Obama administration’s five-year leasing program for the region. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Tommy Beaudreau, director of (more...)

Biden: U.S. Will Handle Economic Challenges “Just Fine”

Vice President Biden said economic conditions in the United States are improving, and he urged European countries to resolve their economic crisis, saying a “strong and capable Europe” is in the interests of the United States and the rest of the global community. Speaking at the Munich Security (more...)