Solobay: Report Shows Need for Action on E-Cigarette Bill

State Sen. Tim Solobay said  cited a report from the Centers for Disease Control as a call for quick legislative action on his bill to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. "There is still a lot we don’t know
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Austin, Texas: Fiercely Independent Live Music Capital

Austin, the 11th-largest city in the United States, has adopted the slogan “The Live Music Capital of the World” because it’s home to many musicians and live music venues. Each March, musicians, filmmakers and social media entrepreneurs converge on Austin for the South by Southwest (SXSW) (more...)

September is Baby Safety Month!

Baby Safety Month 2013 Focuses on Sustainable Living and Features a Daily Product Giveaway September is Baby Safety Month, sponsored annually by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This September, JPMA is helping educate parents and caregivers on sustainable living and green alternatives through our theme, Green is the New Pink (more...)

New Mexico: Full of Hot Air (Balloons)

The “Albuquerque Box” is a weather phenomenon where low winds move in the opposite direction of high winds — a confluence of events that enables hot air balloon pilots to better control the balloons. It also establishes Albuquerque, New Mexico, as the premier destination for hot air ballooning. For the last (more...)

Prescription Drug Abuse – Safeguard Your Children

Julie Bowen While Pennsylvania is focused on the legalization of marijuana under S.B. 528, (introduced on April 3 2013 by Senator Daylin Leach), which has more recently been supported by the NAACP at their press conference of 4 July; the behind the scenes campaign to (more...)

New Treatment for Hepatitis C Shows Promise

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer A majority of U.S. volunteers in a drug trial were cured of hepatitis C virus (HCV) with a treatment that is less harmful and shorter than treatments with drugs currently in use. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National (more...)

Soft Surroundings Expands To Pennsylvania

First Store Set To Open In King Of Prussia Mall In Mid-September Soft Surroundings, a leading multi-channel retailer committed to providing stylish and comfortable clothing, jewelry and accessories, home furnishings and the latest in beauty and skincare to women of all ages, maintains its (more...)

American Lung Association in Pennsylvania Helps Students with Asthma Return to School

Lung Association Recognizes Asthma-Friendly Schools and Offers Back-to-School Checklist for Students with Asthma As summer winds down, families across Pennsylvania are beginning to prepare for the new school year. A new school environment can sometimes be difficult for children with asthma. This back-to-school (more...)

Education Key to Prosperous Lives

By Kathryn McConnell Staff Writer Data on student learning gathered by aid workers in partner countries is helping the United States develop effective local strategies to teach reading to 100 million children by 2015, says the head of the U.S. Agency for International Development. “Instead of measuring our success by (more...)

Chicago, Illinois: Metropolis on the Great Lakes

The third-largest city in the United States, Chicago is the unofficial capital of the American Midwest, rooted in the Industrial Revolution that transformed the country into a manufacturing powerhouse as urban centers welcomed new immigrant populations. In the early 20th century, the city became famous for (more...)

Turning The Tide On Childhood Obesity

Dr. Janey Thornton, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services As the Department of Agriculture’s Deputy Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services, I am on a mission to make sure all of our nation’s children have the best possible chance at a healthy life and a bright (more...)

EU Market Will Retain Access to High-Quality American Beef

U.S. beef producers will continue to provide European consumers with high-quality beef produced from non-hormone-treated cattle, the United States announced August 1. U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced in a press release that the European Union (EU) will continue to (more...)

Rise of the Public School

(The following text is excerpted from the U.S. Department of State publication USA Education in Brief.) Public schools were unknown in the colonial era, although several New England colonies established “subscription schools” for those who could afford to pay the fees. Harvard, the first institution of higher learning (more...)

New Orleans, Louisiana: Enticing and Carefree

A historic city, unique in the United States for its colonial French and Spanish character, New Orleans has become associated with its annual Mardi Gras festival, jazz music and flavorful Creole cuisine. After being devastated in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina, the city’s displaced population is moving (more...)

Discover What’s Weird About Austin

The capital of Texas, whose unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird,” is a city full of surprises. Thanks in part to the 50,000 students at the University of Texas, Austin’s population is younger and more liberal than that of the rest of the state. The city is also home (more...)