Is That Your Cup of Tea?

Everybody loves tea. However, not everybody knows that a cup of your favorite tea can tell not only about your taste preferences but also about your character. Hot and cold, strong and weak, with sugar or without - there are
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Hangover. The Day After Yesterday

Hangover is a sickness a person creates by his or her own. Luckily, in most cases it could be cured really fast. Many of adults know how frustrating hangover symptoms could be. However, hangover could be of two types: a light one, because of “alcohol intoxication”, and heavy one, because of (more...)

Students’ Week Without Social Media

An unusual experiment took place in December in one of high schools: can students avoid text messages, e-mails, Twitter and Facebook for one week? During this experiment they were able to call each other, but not text or e-mail. As a grant for taking steady and honest part in the (more...)

Smoking Electronic Revolution

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular with tobacco smokers across the United States. This new device is believed to help tobacco addicts make their passion for smoking less harmful. 1. There is no tobacco, no carbon monoxide, no ash and no cancer causing chemicals. 2. A cartridge for electronic cigarettes costs (more...)

Last Minute Gift

Last Minute Gifts

As long as you know a few key things about the people you're giving presents to, then thoughtful gift-giving can be essentially effortless, say experts. Monograms, favorite colors, scents that trigger childhood memories or this year's hottest trends add the right level of detail to elevate a gift. And don't forget the (more...)

$11 Million Christmas Tree

Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi has unveiled what it is calling the world’s most expensive Christmas tree in history. The tree alone is valued at $10,000 but it's what's dangling from the branches that makes this beauty so pricey. The 13-meter (a little more than 42-feet) faux evergreen sparkles in the hotel's (more...)

Mexico’s Underwater Sensation

The Underwater Art Museum is the new creation by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor: 400 individually cast human moulds taken from members of the Mexican public sunk to create the foundations of an artificial reef. The project has taken place in the Isla Mujeres National Marine Park, (more...)

Puppy Love, Vanilla Woof, Peaches For Your Pet

Don’t forget to buy a gifts to your pets! The Beverly Hills Mutt Club is one of many high-end pet boutiques with Prada, Louis Vuitton, Coach and Saks to online marketplaces where pet gifts can run in the thousands of dollars. The store “encourage all dogs -- large or small, pure breed (more...)

Welcome To The Chernobyl Tour

Beginning next year, Ukraine plans to open up the sealed zone around the Chernobyl reactor to visitors who wish to learn more about the tragedy that occurred nearly a quarter of a century ago. It should be tour “The Chernobyl nuclear power plants”. Hundreds of thousands of people were resettled from (more...)

Atheists And Catholics Billboard Fight

US Catholics and atheists are fighting over the holiday season with dueling billboards on opposite sides of the Hudson River separating New York and New Jersey. The American Atheists organization fired the opening shot with its billboard on Route 495 in North Bergen, New Jersey. They want to spread (more...)

Sweet Christmas In Chocolate Town

The magic of the holidays comes to life at Hersheypark Christmas Candylane. With two million twinkling lights, rides for all ages, festive decorations, and Hershey's Product Characters decked out in their holiday best, there is something for all to enjoy! The Great American Hall at Hershey Lodge for an all-new interactive (more...)

City Food Tours In Philadelphia

According to information from "2009 Travel and Tourism Research Handbook," a lot of Americans made culinary activities a part of their travels. And one of these places now is Philadelphia. It’s not about cheesesteaks and pretzels, the city has much more - beautiful local food scene and identifying foods that are (more...)

2010 Shopping Season Smart Gifts

2010 Shopping Season: Smart Gifts

With the holiday season local and national retailers want to be successful and they're turning to some new tactics to improve their chances. Retailers are trying to make everything available to customers knowing that last year was kind of rough. They are seeking market share and are willing to offer greater (more...)

Merry Kissmas!

Once again the Covent Garden Christmas lights transformed with a stunning installation world’s most interactive and intimate Christmas tree installation - Kiss, from the Paul Cocksedge Studios. It is a part of Merry Kissmas at Covent Garden in conjunction with The Prince’s Trust. For 2010, the news theme is ‘Merry Kissmas’ and (more...)

Scientists Reported: Powerful Magnetic Storm Approaches the Earth

Scientists at the Shernberg Astronomy Institute of the Moscow State University have reported record-high emissions of electromagnetic energy on the Sun, the biggest since the 1970s. Over the past few days, the volume of sun radiation, or X9, has exceeded the normal level 1,000-fold. The first indications of increased solar activity were (more...)