Passenger Plane Failed Landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport

Fox News reported, that "a passenger plane overshot the runway at a Moscow airport Saturday, killing four of the eight people on board, according to emergency management officials." The four others were injured. Images of the scene show
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Foreign Visitors to U.S. Expected to Increase over Next 5 Years

The United States can expect 3.6 percent to 4.3 percent average annual growth in foreign visitors over the next five years, the U.S. Department of Commercesays. This year, more than 66 million international travelers are projected to visit the United States, the department said, an increase of 6 (more...)

You Can Fly Far With Airline Credit Cards!

Donna Baxter Airline prices are still on the rise today. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure flying can break your bank account. Does your company not compensate you on all airline purchases? Are you planning a honey moon? Are you planning to (more...)

Report Reveals Visa Improvements for Visitors to U.S.

By Heather Regen
Staff Writer
In January, President Obama issued an executive order aimed at vastly improving the visa application and entry process for visitors to the United States. Working together, the departments of State and Homeland Security have exceeded the president’s goals, cutting interview wait times and (more...)

Safer Air Travel Should Result from U.S. Innovation

By Charlene Porter
Staff Writer
The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has developed a turbulence-avoidance system for use in flight, allowing pilots to better detect and avoid patches of potentially dangerous air turbulence. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commissioned NCAR to develop the system, and it is in (more...)

Russian Celebrity Receives First Three-Year U.S. Visa

Tina Kandelaki, seen here holding her U.S. visa, recently became the first Russian citizen to receive a multientry U.S. visa valid for three years. Kandelaki — born in Tbilisi, Georgia, to parents of Greek and Armenian descent — moved to Moscow in 1995, and has worked on many (more...)

Strangest Bars Of The World

Red Sea Star Bar First underwater bar, restaurant and observatory 'Red Sea Star Bar': The bar of the Red Sea Star differs in its essence from any other bar in Eilat, Israel. The floor of the Red Sea Star is made of real sand covered by a transparent epoxy layer. The chairs (more...)

How About Them Apples?

From Windy Ridge Orchard in Grafton County to Apple Acres in Rockingham County, “pick-your-own” apple orchards dot New Hampshire’s bucolic landscape. Residents and visitors alike enjoy selecting their own fruits, making apple picking a favorite autumn activity. Most New Hampshire orchards offer a variety of apples, such as (more...)

U.S. Works to Attract More International Visitors

Commerce Secretary John Bryson and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar have announced the U.S. government’s National Tourism and Travel Strategy to promote international travel opportunities throughout the United States. In January, President Obama announced new administrative initiatives to significantly increase travel and tourism in the United States. He (more...)

Tippler’s Tour: A Colonial Pub Crawl In Old City

"We sing.  We toast.  We drink! Cheers to the spirits of ’76 on this Colonial pub crawl through Historic Philadelphia. Enjoy beers, cocktails, and appetizer-style snacks at four taverns while your Colonial tippler leads you in song and toasts. Discover what taverns were like in (more...)

Phlash To Return Just In Time For Peak Of Region’s Tourist Season

With the height of tourist activity throughout the region in sight, the Independence Visitor Center Corporation (IVCC) is excited to announce the return of the PHLASH Downtown Loop for the 2012 season. The IVCC will now oversee the seasonal transit program for 2012 and the future. Through the support of the (more...)

Top Ten Cities With The Most Beautiful Women

"Travelers Digest" named top ten cities with the world's most beautiful women: First and sixth places - Kiev (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia). " A visit to Kiev is truly awe-inducing and it's almost hard to believe that women this beautiful even exist. They're also less intimidating (more...)

Is TSA Sexually Harassing Women In The Airport?

“TSA has a policy of randomly selecting people for extra screening, but some of travelers believe there is nothing random about the way they were picked", CBS News said. “You don’t want to feel like you’re exposing your whole body,” said one woman. “I guess I was always under the (more...)

Miami: Most Miserable City In U.S.?

The magazine "Forbes" named Miami as "the most miserable city in the United States", according to a new poll. The city has one of the highest crime rates in the country (see No. 1 position in the list). The rankings also are based on factors including rates of (more...)

Atlantic City’s Tourism District Will Be Created

Good news from Atlantic City: the law creating Atlantic City's Tourism District required that the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority create a master plan, which the CRDA board approved last week. The CRDA took control of the district, encompassing about 1,700 acres, May 1. Don Marrandino, Eastern Division president for Caesars (more...)