Visa Process Improvements for Visitors to U.S.

By MacKenzie C. Babb Staff Writer President Obama says the departments of State and Homeland Security are working together to improve and speed up the visa process for foreign travelers to the United States. He announced a new visa pilot program
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Costa Concordia Overturned After Hitting Rocks

On January 13 2012 the cruise liner Costa Concordia overturned after hitting rocks just near the coast of Italy two hours after setting sail on a seven-day cruise. Within minutes the Costa Concordia, began to list dramatically, reaching an angle of 20 degrees in just two hours. (more...)

Independence Hall: Where the United States Was Born

The United States was born in the hearts and minds of its founders, who sought to implement fundamental principles of freedom and democracy. But the tangible birthplace of the United States is Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and (more...)

Top 10 Christmas Markets in Europe

The travel website ( compiled their own list of the "Top 10 Christmas Markets in Europe" . Here is: 1. Munich, Germany While most people associate the Bavarian capital with its famous Oktoberfest, it also holds a fantastic Christmas market on the Marienplatz in the center of (more...)

Study in U.S.: Tips and Recommendations

U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Byerly gives some tips for those who wants to travel to the U.S. to study or do research: " I love to talk with students and faculty of universities in different cities of Russia. I really enjoy talking with students and professors at universities all around (more...)

Travel With Pleasure

Travel With Pleasure

1. Be ready for poor service, big crowds and unreasonable people.  It is what it is. Lamenting the social injustices committed will get you nowhere, and you'll become the barrier to progress that you so despise already. 2. Pay the  extra baggage fee: the overhead bins will be full. Even though (more...)

Christmas Gingerbread In Longwood Gardens

"No holiday is complete without a visit to Longwood Gardens, where more than 400,000 twinkling lights and spectacular fountain shows compose a brilliant wonderland your family is sure to love. As you stroll through the grounds, marvel at lights strung on nearly 40 miles of wire glowing in (more...)

New Visa Agreement Between Russia and U.S.

Secretary of State Clinton and Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov exchanged the final negotiated text of our bilateral visa agreement, which will significantly liberalize travel between  two countries for purposes of tourism, business, or visiting families. "My congratulations to the teams of negotiators from the U.S. and Russian sides (more...)

Thanksgiving Flights: Arrive Early To The Airport

The weak economy, including high unemployment and a drop in disposable income, cuts the number of passengers about 2% from 2010, but  analytic said, that air travelers in  U.S. could expect full flights over the Thanksgiving holiday. The Air Transport Association (ATA) said in a statement, "the full planes (more...)

Cheops Pyramid Closed On A Too-Exciting Date

Not only newlyweds were excited of this particular date 11.11.11: the largest of the Giza pyramids was closed today to prevent possible esoteric ceremonies to be held inside the ancient structure. The one of the world’s Seven Wonders is quite popular with esoteric societies, and Egyptian authorities decided to close the (more...)

Philadelphia:History And Culture

The survey of Travel & Leisure magazine asked American tourists to rate their favorite domestic destinations. More than 40,000 votes were cast. Philadelphia was in one major category. New Orleans, San Juan, and Kansas City named in  the “fine dining” category New York, New Orleans, and Santa Fe are the best (more...)

“20 Years Of Terror Behind the Walls”

Eastern State Penitentiary, a grim, 172-year-old former state prison, was once home to famous inmates Al Capone and Willie Sutton. Pained former prisoners are said to haunt Eastern State’s dark Gothic halls. The massive Eastern State Penitentiary — a gothic, castle-like structure in Philadelphia’s Fairmount neighborhood (more...)

Autumn Colors In Longwood Gardens

October 21– November 20, 2011 Longwood Gardens celebrate the harvest season with Autumn Colors, a festive showcase of fall colors, giant pumpkins, unusual gourds and live concerts. Children can venture through the Pumpkin Playground, discovering more than 100 different types of gourds and squash with bizarre shapes, unusual (more...)

Happy Haunting on the Coming Halloween!

Halloween is just 2 weeks ahead, and that’s the best time of the year to tickle one’s nerves! For whose who are too old for trick-or-treating, Pennsylvania can offer some really creepy haunted sights marked by sorrow, torturing, and death. Pennhurst Asylum, Spring City, PA Pennhurst was constructed and opened in 1908 (more...)

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend!

What are your plans for Labor Day weekend? Many Americans go far and near to achieve the best of it. If you want to go to the beach, consider the idea of organizing some beach picnic. And you should be able to make the right preparation. It is always a great (more...)