“Double Eagles” Have Been Found In Philadelphia

CNBC News reported about coins, that are called  "double eagles". The U.S. government rightfully seized a set gold coins from a Philadelphia woman Joan S. Langbord who said she found the rare beauties in her late father's bank deposit
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Benjamin Franklin Bridge

85th Birthday Of The Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge celebrates its 85th birthday in July. First time it was opened on July 1, 1926. The project was designed by Paul Philippe Cret and was constructed by Ralph Modjeski. Paul Philippe Cret was born in France, but settled in Philadelphia. He started his firm, that is (more...)

Giant Food Store Comes to Philadelphia

Giant Food Store is one of the most popular supermarket chains in Pennsylvania  region. The company has 47 locations across Southeastern Pennsylvania and now comes to Philadelphia. The first Philadelphia store will be open July 20 in the 2500 block of Grant Avenue near Roosevelt Boulevard in (more...)

New Pennsylvania Law Allows Birth Certificates for Stillborns

In 2005, Heidi Kauffman was pregnant with her third child and went to her doctor for a routine exam. She was slightly concerned because her baby, who had been kicking quite frequently, had suddenly stopped doing so. The doctor gave her the terrible news: her baby had died inside of (more...)

The Hottest Days in Philadelphia

The Hottest Days in Philadelphia

According to official National Weather Service records the period from June 1-July 13 was the hottest such period in Philadelphia in 138 years. The air was as toasty as an electric blanket and the official high hit 94, sprinklers were transformed into water toys. The region has experienced four heat waves. The (more...)

Fireworks Show

Bucks County Man Killed During Fireworks Show

CBS News reported about the man from Bucks County, who has been killed during firework show. It happened at 11 pm 4th of July. Ray Criblear was making awesome fireworks for the whole neighborhood every Independence Day. But in this year celebration turned into a nightmare. Ray was lighting his last firework,  his (more...)

Enjoy The Fourth, But Keep Your Eyes Out For Anything Suspicious!

Are you ready to celebrate the Fourth of July in Philadelphia? Of course, you are planning to watching the fireworks and festivities. It is great, but do you forget about security, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says to CBS News. "There are no specific threats, there will be heightened security for (more...)

14-Year-Old Driver Kills In Northeast, Philadelphia

Thursday, June 30th, Winston Charleston, a 14-year-old boy from Bensalem, borrowed his mother’s car what he hoped would be a joy ride. Unfortunately, any joy was soon taken out of it.  Failing to turn on his lights for the entirety of the ride, Charleston hit a VW (more...)

Bucks County “Bonnie & Clyde” Robbing Elderly Women

As CBS has reported, police have arrested two young people, attacking elderly from Philadelphia to Bucks County. 22-year-old John Ferris and 20-year-old Kathleen Gilchrist would pull up along side of their victims, all women in the age of 80s, grab their bags and drive away. An 85- year-old lady from Bensalem became (more...)

Philadelphia – Fund-Raising City

President Obama is coming to Philadelphia. His visit could complicate the afternoon rush, local press reported. The motorcade is likely to head up I-95 on its way to a reception at the Hyatt at the Bellevue, a few blocks south of City Hall. I-95 will get extra volume after the (more...)

Philly Zoo Welcomes Two Snow Leopard Cubs

The Philadelphia Zoo is celebrating the birth of two snow leopards! On June 9th a 3-year-old snow leopard Maya gave birth to two cutest little cubs. Their father, a snow leopard Amga from the Denver Zoo, would not be able to assist in their raising, so they were given into their (more...)

4th of July Street Closures in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is getting ready for the biggest state holiday of the year – Independence day, numerous events will during ongoing Wawa Welcome America! Festival will take place in the Center City, and of course many streets will be closed beyond and during the 4th of July. Planning your trip to (more...)

Philadelphia Pipe Organ Celebrates It's 100 Anniversary

Philadelphia Pipe Organ Celebrates It’s 100 Anniversary

The Wanamaker pipe organ, located in Macy’s (former Grand Court) in the Philadelphia Center City, celebrates it’s 100 anniversary, CBS News reported. “This organ actually represents three symphony orchestras in its scope and size,” said Peter Richard Conte. He has been an organist since 1989. And on the anniversary day he (more...)

Three Men Kill Neighborhood Grocer

Police are searching for three cold-blooded murderers that have shot to death a North Philadelphia store owner. 59-year-old Felix Rodriguez – the owner of Los Ingenitos grocery store at 2400 North 9th Street – was shot six times in the face, neck, chest and groin, according to police. On Saturday night Felix (more...)

Bucks County Murder

Horrible Tragedy in Bucks County

A 44-year-old Warrington man killed his wife and son with a baseball bat on Friday night before taking his own life.  He committed suicide by laying in front of a train, police reported. Authorities said, the man called 911 at 9:40 p.m. on Friday. The caller was exceedingly polite, even thanking (more...)