Hurricane Irene & Philadelphia Area

Hurricane Irene barreled into the Philadelphia region Saturday night. "This is one of the worst storm events that has hit Philadelphia in the last 50 years," Nutter said. With tropical force winds extending across 290 miles, Irene made
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Hurricane Irene: What Do We Expect?

Hurricane Irene in our region: CBS News reported some expectation

  • 5-10″ of rain possible from Philadelphia eastward to New Jersey, with the amounts closer to 5″ furthest west and the amounts closer to 10″ further east.
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How To Prepare For a Hurricane

It is still uncertain what would hurricane Irene’s path be, and though Pennsylvania does not have an access to the Atlantic Ocean, which coast line is considered to be in the high risk zone, we recommend Philadelphians as well as all residents of areas close to New Jersey to prepare (more...)

Limerick Nuclear Plant After Earthquake

" Everything is operating normally at the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant in Montgomery County in the wake of the earthquake that shook the Philadelphia region Tuesday afternoon", CBS News reported. " Limerick declared what’s called an “unusual event.” That’s the terminology used by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the nuclear (more...)

Experts about Earthquake

Experts about Earthquake

A local expert says we shouldn’t be surprised, because earthquakes do happen here in the Philadelphia area occasionally. The earth does rumble occasionally in this area, according to Jonathan Nyquist, chairman of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Temple University. “Little quakes occur on the East Coast all the (more...)

New Life For Reading Viaduct

Abandoned Reading Viaduct – an elevated train tract that runs through the Callowhill and Chinatown neighborhoods – was out of service since 1984 after carrying trains into Center City for almost 100 years. Right now the old Viaduct is overtaken by grass and trees, though it still offers a magnificent view (more...)

Earthquake Shook Philadelphia

Earthquake Shook Philadelphia

At 1:51 p.m. EDM a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Virginia close to Richmond (39 miles), about 83 miles away from Washington. Pentagon and Capitol were evacuated. Shaking went through the whole East Coast, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, and Boston. In these cities people were evacuated from tall buildings and skyscrapers. The (more...)

Philadelphia Curfew Protest

Philadelphia Curfew Protest

On August 20th, a protest was held throughout Broad street in Center City Philadelphia shutting down the most populous street in the city.  The protest was against Mayor Nutter’s recent curfew law.  The law states that any minor (17 or under) that is outside of a (more...)

Flooding In The Philadelphia Area

Small-stream flooding started across the region after the heavy rain on Sunday. A state of emergency was declared in that Salem County township and also in Cumberland County, officials said. Flights were delayed at Philadelphia International Airport, at Newark Liberty Airport, LaGuardia and Kennedy airports in New York. The National Weather (more...)

Unspecified Threat Prompts Scare At Airport

Officials at Philadelphia International Airport said, that on Friday US Airways flight was the target of a threat. Flight began in Glasgow, Scotland landed at Philadelphia International and was immediately evacuated. CBS News reported. that US AIrways spopkeswoman Valerie Wunder says FBI agents in Europe had received information about (more...)

Five Salmonella Cases In Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Health Department says that makes five cases total with salmonella issue in the Keystone state. The others are from Allegheny County. The victims are three men and two women, range in age from two to 43. More than 76 people in 26 states have been sickened, and one person (more...)

Old Wanamaker Site To Become 10 New Stores

Old Wanamaker Site To Become 10 New Stores

The Strawbridge and Wanamaker have been famous stores in King of Prussia Mall during long time. But they disappeared as department stores consolidated over the last two decades. And the Plaza is paving the way for the redevelopment of retail space adjacent to it. The Wanamaker (more...)

Giant Food Store Comes to Philadelphia

Giant Food Store is one of the most popular supermarket chains in Pennsylvania  region. The company has 47 locations across Southeastern Pennsylvania and now comes to Philadelphia. The first Philadelphia store will be open July 20 in the 2500 block of Grant Avenue near Roosevelt Boulevard in (more...)

The Hottest Days in Philadelphia

The Hottest Days in Philadelphia

According to official National Weather Service records the period from June 1-July 13 was the hottest such period in Philadelphia in 138 years. The air was as toasty as an electric blanket and the official high hit 94, sprinklers were transformed into water toys. The region has experienced four heat waves. The (more...)

Fireworks Show

Bucks County Man Killed During Fireworks Show

CBS News reported about the man from Bucks County, who has been killed during firework show. It happened at 11 pm 4th of July. Ray Criblear was making awesome fireworks for the whole neighborhood every Independence Day. But in this year celebration turned into a nightmare. Ray was lighting his last firework,  his (more...)


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