Space Environment at Risk

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The United States will join other nations and the European Union to develop an International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities to maintain “long-term sustainability, safety, stability, and security of space by establishing
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Motor Shoes, 3D-Printer And Many More From CES

This year's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas brought more than 140,000 people  to gawk at an array of cheaper tablets, thinner laptops and sleeker TVs on display. But not only that. Intel's "ultrabook," a marketing term for thin, light and powerful laptop computers was presented on display this (more...)

Remembering “Extra-Special” Space Shuttle Flight

By Louise Fenner Staff Writer Joan Higginbotham remembers how the Earth looked when she saw it from the space shuttle Discovery in 2006. There is nothing in space to distort the view, she said, “and when you look down on the ocean there are such vibrant blues and greens (more...)

Opportunity Rover Readies for Another Winter on Mars

The Exploration Rover Opportunity is settling down on a sunny slope for the Martian winter at a place the rover’s watchers have christened Greeley Haven. The sun exposure on the site will help maintain the rover’s solar power during the craft’s fifth winter on the surface of (more...)

NASA’s Rovers Serve as Human Proxies in Mars Missions

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer NASA’s rovers are sending a steady stream of data back to their makers on Earth, information that will shape a manned mission to Mars and our knowledge of the fourth planet from the sun. The rover Curiosity, carried aboard the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), began (more...)

It’s Getting Easier to Track Santa and His Sleigh

When Santa climbs into his sleigh on Christmas Eve, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will be tracking his movements until the very last present is delivered. This is the 56th year NORAD, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has followed “Big Red” around the globe. Every (more...)

NASA Readies Vehicle for Mars Mission

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The United States is preparing to send another exploratory vehicle to the planet Mars, the “largest and most complex piece of equipment to ever be placed on the surface of another planet,” said the director of the Mars exploration program, Doug McCuistion. The Mars Science (more...)

Articles New Patent Law Could Speed Up U.S. Innovation

Under U.S. law, many items, processes, machines and chemical compositions can be patented. They range from the manufacturing process for the arthritis drug Celebrex, to the Segway PT, a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle, to the gene for human growth hormone. By giving inventors and innovators the exclusive (more...)

UFO Conference To Be Held in Northeast Philadelphia

People interested in UFOs will gather in Northeast Philadelphia for a conference this weekend, to discuss recent sightings and exchange information. The conference brings together big names in UFO circles—including author Bill Burnes who hosts the history channel series "UFO Hunters." John Ventre is the Pennsylvania state director for the Mutual UFO (more...)

‘Flying carpet’ Could Be Real

The sheet is lifted by the air packets and propelled forwards In a laboratory at Princeton University a miniature "flying" carpet made of plastic has taken flight. So magic "flying" carpet could be real?

The 10cm (4in) sheet of smart transparency is driven by "ripple power"; waves of electrical current

Shuttle Atlantis Leaves Space, Heads Home

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The shuttle Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station July 19 to complete final inspections and journey back to Earth, the last of the shuttle craft ever to do so, as this era of manned space flight comes to a close. Atlantis is the last (more...)

NASA Plans New Future for Space Program as Shuttle Era Ends

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The 30-year era of the space shuttle will end in about a week, but NASA, the Congress and the Obama administration are having some difficulty coming to terms on what’s ahead for the United States in space exploration. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden forecasts an ambitious (more...)

Mother Monkeys Who Kill

Apparently infanticide is not just present in humans, case in point Casey Anthony.  Often in nature, males, when taking over a pack, kill the young to make room for the young they plan to father.  Yet still, protecting the young in the wild is one of the traits an animal (more...)

Space Shuttle Endeavour Returns, Building Legacy

By Charlene Porter
Staff Writer
In the pre-dawn darkness June 1, the space shuttle Endeavour re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed safely at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, ending not only this mission, but the vehicle’s 25-mission career. The mission lasted a few hours short of 16 days, having (more...)