Supreme Court Decisions Highlight Evolving Nature of Civil Rights

By Bridget Hunter Staff Writer It might seem strange that in a government of the people, by the people and for the people, the guardianship of constitutional rights rests with nine individuals appointed for life, yet that model has
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Edward Snowden “Has Not Broken Any Laws In Russia”

After the former American intelligence contractor Edward Snowden flew to Moscow - Sheremetyevo Airport - from Hong Kong, where he had been in hiding, he disappeared. According to the media he was expected to take from Moscow to Havana, reportedly on his way to (more...)

Beware of Advertised Mosquito Control Services!

Your Local Government is Often the Place to Go for Mosquito Control Services Lately, a number of advertisements for mosquito control services emphasizing the use of “natural” repellents/adulticides are making their way through social media and group coupon sites. These companies advertise the use of “natural” products. (more...)

Global Refugee Movement Reaches a High Mark

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The number of refugees fleeing their homes reached an almost 20-year high in 2012, according to a report on global trends issued June 19 by the U.N. Refugee Agency, UNHCR. More than 45.2 million people were displaced at the end of 2012, the highest (more...)

Afghan Soldiers Take Over Operations from Coalition Forces

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer With their assumption of responsibility for combat operations in Afghanistan, Afghan security forces are “now in the lead” across the country, while the opening of an office in Qatar to reopen political negotiations between Afghans is “an important first step towards reconciliation” in (more...)

U.S. Has Long History of Aiding, Welcoming Refugees

By Jane Morse Staff Writer The United States has a long history of aiding as well as taking in the world’s refugees, says Secretary of State John Kerry. At a special event at the State Department marking World Refugee Day, Kerry noted that the earliest refugees started coming to America in (more...)

Economic Growth and Jobs Top G8 Meeting Agenda

By Merle David Kellerhals Jr. Staff Writer Global economic growth and expanded employment will be a significant part of the agenda at the annual summit of the Group of Eight major industrialized nations in Northern Ireland on June 17–18, a White House economic adviser says. Coupled with economic growth, the (more...)

Obama and Russian President Putin After Their Meeting

REMARKS BY PRESIDENT OBAMA AND PRESIDENT PUTIN OF RUSSIA AFTER BILATERAL MEETING Lough Erne Resort Lough Erne, Northern Ireland PRESIDENT PUTIN: (As interpreted.) I’ve had detailed talks with the President of the United States on almost all the matters. We began with economy and we had detailed discussions. We’ve agreed to launch new (more...)

Afraid of Sharks? Shark Has More Reason to Fear You

One of the most distinctive shapes in the sea is that of the hammerhead shark, a dangerously efficient hunter at the top of the aquatic food chain in nearly every ocean. Found worldwide in warmer waters on continental shelves and along coastlines, the hammerhead swims in schools during (more...)

Get to Know Our Oceans: The Atlantic

A boat owner stands amidst fishing nets aboard the fishing vessel Isabel S. in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Overfishing has diminished the Atlantic cod population, and rising water temperatures are pushing the remaining fish further northeast. But Atlantic cod are not the only fish in danger — (more...)

President Obama: Time to Pass Immigration Reform Bill

In his weekly address June 8, President Obama says that the United States Senate will soon take action to fix what the president has called “our broken immigration system” with a common-sense bill. The president urges the Senate to act quickly to pass this bill so (more...)

Get to Know Our Oceans: The Southern

An Adélie penguin springs from the Ross Sea, a deep bay in the Southern Ocean. Surrounding the highest, coldest, windiest and driest continent on Earth — Antarctica — the Southern Ocean is the world's most remote. Benefiting from the Antarctic convergence — an irregular and changing boundary (more...)

Airlines, U.S. Agencies Partner to Combat Human Trafficking

Under a new partnership with the U.S. government, four American commercial airlines will train their employees to recognize human trafficking indicators, both in flight and on the ground. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and U.S. Customs and Border Protection acting Deputy Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan announced the (more...)

SPJ Calls On Attorney General to Uphold Government’s Own Media Guidelines

Leaders of the Society of Professional Journalists expressed concern Friday about the possible weakening of existing Department of Justice guidelines governing investigations that involve the news media. “While not perfect from a journalist's perspective, the guidelines are quite good,” said SPJ President Sonny Albarado in a (more...)

You Can’t Have 100% Security And Also Then Have 100% privacy

According to Guardian, "The National Security Agency had been collecting records under a court order from millions of Verizon customers in the U.S. Defenders of the program tried to ease the furor by assuring the public this is "nothing new" -- and in fact has been going (more...)