US Honors Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day

U.S. Honors Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer Americans mark Memorial Day May 30, an occasion to honor the soldiers who have given their service and their lives to protect the United States, its citizens and their freedoms. More than 130 national cemeteries in
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Statement on Khodorkovsky and Lebedev Case in Russia

United States Mission to the OSCE Statement on Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev Case in Russia As delivered by Chargé d’Affaires, a. i. Carol Fuller to the Permanent Council, Vienna May 26, 2011

The United States is concerned by the May 24 ruling by the Moscow City Court upholding the verdict

U.S.-Russia Statement on Cooperation on Visa Issues

Joint Statement by the Presidents the United States of America and of the Russian Federation Regarding Cooperation on Visa Issues Last June, when we met in Washington, we expressed our determination to establish stronger bilateral ties on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation.  We are seeking to expand our economic and trade relations, (more...)

Announcement on Rewards for Justice Doku Umarov Reward Offer

The U.S. Department of State has authorized a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to the location of Doku Umarov. Doku Umarov is the senior leader and operational commander of the North Caucasus-based Caucasus Emirate (CE) group, whose stated goal is to establish an Islamic emirate through violence (more...)

During European Trip, Arab Spring Is on Agenda

By Jeff Baron Staff Writer The setting for President Obama’s trip this week is Europe, but a major topic on the agenda will be North Africa and the Middle East. The goal is a more democratic, more prosperous region. The president set the stage by delivering a major policy speech on the Middle (more...)

Another Royal Wedding in 2011

Royal dynasties of the world are going through a real wedding boom this year! Prince William  – the elder son of Prince Charles – has opened in the season by marrying Kate Middleton. In a week there will be another royal wedding in Europe: the Duke of Monaco, Albert II, is taking (more...)

Central Asia Should Heed Lessons of Mideast Unrest, Blake Says

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer Washington — Despite economic and societal differences with countries in the Middle East, Central Asian governments should “heed the lessons of the Arab Spring” by embracing political reforms and offering more freedoms to their citizens in the interest of their countries’ long-term stability, (more...)

Freedom of Expression in Azerbaijan

U.S. Statement on Freedom of Expression in Azerbaijan

The United States remains concerned about restrictions on the right of freedom of expression in Azerbaijan. Today we note with concern the May 18 conviction of youth activist Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, who was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on charges of draft evasion. The timing of Mr. Hajiyev’s arrest, which immediately followed (more...)

Monstrous Tornado Devastates Joplin, MO

Deadly tornadoes in the Midwest U.S. continue causing great destruction and many deaths. 117 people have died in Joplin, MO, in terrible Sunday tornado strike. It has destroyed the major town hospital, forcing injured people and patients to seek medical help in other cities. According to local reports, almost 2,000 buildings (more...)

Obama Israel

Will Jewish Americans Support for Obama’s 2012 re-election?

After Obama's speech on the Middle East has Democratic Party operatives scrambling to mollify the Jewish community as the president prepares to seek a second term in the White House. Obama  called for any new Palestinian state to respect the borders as they were in 1967. That is why (more...)

'Day of Rage' in Georgia

‘Day of Rage’ In Georgia

The protesters,  around 10,000 people, last weekend accuse Saakashvili of imposing autocratic rule in Georgia. The police used teargas and rubber bullets against protesters in the capital Tbilisi. Sozar Subari, chairman of the opposition Georgian Party, said: "We are calling our supporters to come to the rally on May (more...)

Berkan Yashar

Bin Laden Died… Five Years Ago?

A former CIA agent, currently living in Turkey, ethnic Chechen Berkan Yashar said, that Osama Bin Laden cheated the gallows and died five years ago. “I knew Bin Laden’s Chechen guards very well,” Berkan Yashar  told the Russian TV station, Channel One. “Samy, Ayub and Mahmud were with him (more...)

Sexual Assault Charges Against DSK

IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged with attacking and attempting to rape a hotel maid in New York. Police were looking for any evidence of his alleged assault at the Sofitel hotel. The 32-year-old woman who made the allegations has formally identified him in a line-up, (more...)

The Results Of This Year’s Green Card Lottery Has Invalidated

22,000 people that had won a special U.S. visa lottery would be greatly disappointed, because their "luck" turned out to be a computer glitch, and the drawing would have to be redone. The US State Department announced, that the results of this year’s Green Card lottery 2012 has (more...)

synagogue bomb plot

Two Men Arrested in ‘Synagogue Bomb Plot’ in New York

Two men were arrested in New York  and charged with planning a terror attack on a synagogue. Ahmed Ferhani, 26, and Mohamed Mamdouh, 20, are immigrants from Algeria and Morocco. They bought guns and a grenade from undercover detectives, police said. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the men had no known (more...)


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