Oh Sweet Lorraine – A Most Touching & Heartbreaking Tribute Love Song

“Oh Sweet Lorraine”, a most touching & heartbreaking tribute love song had written by 96-year-old Fred Stobaugh from Peoria after his 91-year-old wife died last April. He isn’t a musician, but the lyrics he put on paper are now being shared with the world. It got most visits on YouTube last couple days.

Stobaugh sent a large envelope with his poem at Green Shoes Studios for the Singer Songwriter contest. ” Singer and songwriter Jacob Colgan remembers receiving Fred’s letter”, according to Huffington Post.

“Oh sweet Lorraine,” the song begun. “I wish we could do all the good times over again.”

Jacob said, “I started to read the lyrics and was so touched by the song and without even meeting Fred we thought, we’re going to do something.”

With Fred’s blessing, Colgan set the words to music and brought the song to life.

When Fred first heard the song, he said, “Wonderful, just wonderful.”

According to ABC News, Stobaugh met his wife in 1938 and were married for 73 years.


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