PA School Voucher: Your Choice

Pennsylvania school vouchers

State Senator Anthony H. Williams and State Senator Jeffrey Piccola are introducing Senate Bill 1 also known as SB1 which is titled the Opportunity Scholarship and Education Improvement Tax Act.  The bill would allow low-income parents to choose where their children attend school.  This would allow for children in Pennsylvania to receive a quality education no matter their financial situation or the location within the city.

Currently there are 91 schools in Philadelphia that are persistently failing according to a recent assessment.  Children are stuck in these schools and parents cannot afford to place them into a charter school.

It currently costs the taxpayer roughly $13,000 per year for a student to attend public school. This money goes towards a student’s education at a consistently underperforming school.  The school board says there is nothing wrong with the system and that students need to spend more time studying and the parents need to focus more on their children as students.  However this does not work and parents are constantly trying to get their children out of these failing schools.  So far, parents cannot afford a charter school or aren’t allowed to enroll their kids in a public school in a different area.

The school board believes that more time and money will solve this situation with failing schools.  What about the kids having to go through these awful institutions?

If you would like to do something about this system please contact your legislators and let them know about your support for SB1.

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