Philadelphia For Independent Filmmakers

In last years, Philadelphia has ranked as one of the top cities for independent filmmakers, ahead of Los Angeles.

Reasons? Helpful film office, affordable living, and a diverse city full of interesting locations.

Philadelphia is a major cultural center for music, theater, dance, fine arts and media, with 19 television stations, sound stages, recording studios, dozens of video production and postproduction houses, over 60 movie houses, international film festivals, an active independent film and video community, several feature films produced on location each year. Scores of internship possibilities are open to majors in Film and Media Arts.

Philadelphia Film Society  sponsors two major film festivals each year, the Philadelphia Film Festival in April, and the Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in July.

Many students of Temple’s FMA program have become members of PIFVA, the Philadelphia Independent Film & Video Association and have a subscription to a newsletter announcing job opportunities and calls for entry, discounts on workshops and screenings at the International House Cinema, and eligibility for the PIFVA Subsidy Program. Numerous Temple students have been awarded subsidy grants for film and video projects through PIFVA.

The Scribe Video Center is also in  Philadelphia. This is a non-profit media arts center that seeks to explore, develop and advance the use of video as an artistic medium and a tool for progressive social change.

A number of Temple film and video makers have gotten involved in Scribe’s efforts to reach communities that traditionally have not had access to video training or production facilities.

International House is a leading venue in Philadelphia for repertory film programming, independent premieres and cutting edge avant-garde cinema from around the world.

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