Please, Don’t Smoke In Philadelphia!

“We know that about 30% or three in 10 adults in Philadelphia are currently smokers, we want them to be able to successfully stop smoking,” – said Health Commissioner Dr. Donald Schwartz.

And the city now is serious about the fight with smoking.

The health department announced its intention to conduct one-on-one meeting with the about 1,075 small businesses in Philadelphia who’ve been busted selling cigarettes to teenager NARCs. The city’s even got Chinese-speaking lecturers for the ever-busted Chinese takeout restaurants.

Health Commissioner Dr. Donald Schwartz is offering free Nicotine patches for everyone, WHYY reported! Maybe, not everyone, but 4,500 are available.

Buy the way, the tobacco industry is one of the most profitable businesses in the country, making billions of dollars every year. But the costs of smoking are far higher than the income from cigarette sales.

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