Puppy Love, Vanilla Woof, Peaches For Your Pet

Don’t forget to buy a gifts to your pets!

The Beverly Hills Mutt Club is one of many high-end pet boutiques with Prada, Louis Vuitton, Coach and Saks to online marketplaces where pet gifts can run in the thousands of dollars.

The store “encourage all dogs — large or small, pure breed or mixed breed. Enjoy some of the finer things which you have worked so hard to achieve.”

The Mutt Club is bursting with things made of Swarovski crystal, pearls, cashmere, wool and Italian leather. Pamela’s first Chanel leash and collar cost $650. Her bow collection alone probably cost $9,000,.

In this season most unique gifts for pets are a video camera, treadmill and dog house air conditioner for $549, according PetGadgets.com.

The pet video camera with built-in microphone coasts $135, fits on pet’s collar and can shoot up to 2½ hours of continuous video. The treadmill comes in three sizes, and three prices — $599 to $1,499.

A luxurious $486 Manfred of Sweden lambskin coat can also be found on the yoox site.

Eau de perfume for dogs comes in Puppy Love, Vanilla Woof, Peaches and Cream and Big Dog.

Dogs aren’t the only pampered pets. For the cat you can suggest a $69.99 Litter Kwitter, which will help you teach your cat to use a toilet instead of a litter box. Or try the Litter-Robot self-cleaning litter box that sells for $329.99 on litter-robot.com.

You can also buy your fish a new home — a Marineland Monterey Super System 220-gallon aquarium, stand, canopy, filtration system and 72-inch light — for $5,199.99.

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