Quincy, the Most Patriotic City in America

Philadelphia may bristle at the suggestion. But a resolution before the Massachusetts General Court proclaims Quincy, Mass. the Most Patriotic City in America, citing a uniquely powerful list of historic landmarks and contributions to American history from the 1700s through today. Among other reasons Quincy trumps Philly: Quincy native son John Hancock, the wealthy merchant who funded the early years of the American Revolution, presided over the Second Continental Congress and his signature on the Declaration of Independence still stands today as a global symbol of defiance. The resolution (Bill No. H3128) memorializes the Congress of the United States to declare Quincy the Most Patriotic City in America. It was filed by State Rep. Bruce Ayers (1st Norfolk District) and written with the aid of Quincy-based journalist Kerry J. Byrne. A copy of the resolution is attached A public hearing will be held at the Massachusetts State House on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 1:30 p.m. before the Joint Committee of Veterans & Federal Affairs (Gardner Auditorium). Citizens are invited to attend and show their support. Quincy is the birthplace of two Founding Fathers and two signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the only city in America that is the birthplace of two presidents. John and John Quincy Adams are buried today in the United First Parish Church (“Church of the Presidents”) in Quincy Center, beside First Ladies Abigail and Louisa Catherine Adams. Visitors can touch their granite tombs, each draped in period American flags. The presidents are buried just one block from the Quincy birthplace of the famed patriot Hancock. Sixty-nine veterans of the American Revolution are buried today in 375-year Hancock Cemetery in Quincy Center, across from the Church of the Presidents. Adams penned the Massachusetts Constitution, the world’s oldest constitution and inspiration for the U.S. Constitution, in his Quincy home which still stands today. Quincy is the home of 108 sites on the National Register of Historic Places, seven National Historic Landmarks, the Adams National Historical Park and the nation’s first presidential library. The resolution also outlines how Quincy helped defend its revolutionary values against tyranny in the 20th century: two Quincy men received the Medal of Honor for their bravery in World War II, while Quincy airman Charles Sweeney, a 1937 graduate of North Quincy High School, dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki that delivered victory to the allies and ended World War II. The city’s industrial might produced many of America’s most powerful warships. Two victorious Quincy-built World War II vessels are still afloat today and have been designated National Historic Landmarks: battleship USS Massachusetts (BB59) and aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV16). Quincy celebrates its patriotic legacy in many ways, including the nation’s oldest Flag Day parade, a red-white-and-blue family spectacle held each year since 1952. The resolution reads in part: “Whereas Quincy remains a city proud of its patriotic legacy and great contributions to American history and the advancement of representative governments on our own shores and around the globe; and is a strong, prosperous and diverse community today; Resolved that the General Court urges the United States Congress to declare Quincy as the most Patriotic City in America.”

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