HOPE Awards Launched in Philadelphia to Celebrate Good Deeds

The HEROES OF PHILADELPHIA AWARDS a/k/a THE HOPS were launched last month. The awards are about recognizing the local men, women and young people whose good deeds and hearts of gold make Philadelphia the wonderful city that it is.

Each month a Local Hero will be given $250 and a HOPS t-shirt to say “Thanks from Philly”. Each year one of these Local Heroes will receive the $1000 annual award from our generous sponsor, Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys; Kaplun Marx

The HOPS are not only about helping those who help Philadelphia, but also about sharing the good news stories about everyday folk making a difference to the lives of others in the city. The HOPS are about celebrating our local heroes!

We are looking for nominations now so please visit the HOPS website and help us to HELP THOSE WHO HELP PHILLY!

Heroes Of Philadelphia Awards : Share Some Good News Today

Enquiries to: hops@thehopawards.org


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