Roman Abramovich Occupied 111 Rooms Of Luxury Israeli Hotel

According to the global Jewish source JNA, ” Russian-Jewish billionaire Roman Abramovich booked an entire hotel in Israel for Passover”.

Chelsea owner Abramovich, his partner Darya Zhukova, a billionaire fashion designer and businesswoman, and their children Aaron and Leah, arrived to Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv in his private jet on Sunday and traveled by limousine to the Beresheet Hotel in Mitzpe Ramon in southern Israel. He rented all 111 rooms, London’s Daily Mail reported. The cost was estimated at $450,000. The hotel has a view of the Ramon Crater, the world’s largest crater created by erosion.

He is hosting his family and friends during the holiday, including a seder in a tent specially constructed in the desert, according to the newspaper.

During the Passover banquet Jews traditionally recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt and the source claimed Mr. Abramovich wants to be close to where the biblical action actually took place, media said.
According to the report,the last time Abramovich spent Passover in Israel, in 2009, when he rented the entire floor of the Royal Beach Hotel in Eilat.

In the past year alone he has been to the country five times, including visits to technology incubators in Tel Aviv with a view to investing in high-tech startups and attending a fundraising event for an organization that carries out archeological excavations, which he supports financially.

Ms. Zhukova was born in Russia but raised in California by her Jewish mother after her parents divorced.

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