Should Pennsylvania Legalize Marijuana?

Making a speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania State Sen. Larry Farnese said that during his short time in Harrisburg, he’s come to the sad conclusion, that people are afraid of changes, even the most progressive ones.

He’s citing an example of medicinal marijuana legalization. Just as many other supporters of this bill, he sees a great profit from signing the bill into law: it will help medical facilities to ease patients’ suffering, and draw more fonds into state’s treasure, which in it’s turn will allow to avoid such painful budget cuts.

Larry Farnese has sad experience in his life: his father was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through chemotherapy twice a month. Each time this procedure was followed by three days of nausea, vomiting, no appetite, and weakness… Sometimes the medicine has even worse consequences that a sickness itself.

Many doctors, as Larry Farnese said, were supporting the idea of using marijuana in cases with patients who suffer from the unpleasant side effects of the curing process: marijuana, as a medicine, helps against nausea and restores appetite.

Medicinal marijuana can also be helpful for patients with AIDS, because they experience terrible pain in their bones.

Obviously, Pennsylvania should become one of the states, that has already accepted this law, however the whole process should be controlled, and misuse of medicinal marijuana should be punished.

Medicinal marijuana legalization may bring additional money to the state’s budget, and pull it out of deficit.

In any case, this issue worth being discussed in the General Assembly and Senate, and the representatives should have a right to vote for the benefit of citizens.

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  1. Jake says:

    Please Legalize Marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania.

  2. Steve says:

    I think the word “Legalization” scares some people because they imagine kids, young adults and adults running rampant through the streets high on marijuana. Legalization means the sensible control, taxation and regulation of marijuana, hence patients who are required to show proof that they are legally allowed to purchase the medical marijuana. Honestly, the legalization of marijuana would give those people who feel guilty or ashamed about using marijuana(family concerns, jobs, etc) the solace and peace that they deserve. Marijuana is not a drug, it is a medicine.

  3. ken says:

    what jake and steve said, there both right.

  4. stacey says:

    It’s easier for kids to get marijuana than it is to get cigarettes or alcohol, drug dealers don’t card you… you can be 8 years old and if you have money they’ll give you product. There’s not any regulation for children regarding marijuana, and by keeping it illegal for adults to use, we’re letting kids deal with shady drug dealers, and put them in danger of using other harder drugs because they realize that they’ve been lied to by the government when they try marijuana and realize it’s not harmful. Legalization could only improve the economic situation as well, take money from the black market, allow it to flow through regulated, taxable channels. This would also illiminate the BILLIONS of dollars that the federal government is spending by trying to prosecute people because of small possesion charges… wouldn’t it be better if they were actually spending money on catching meth labs or heroin dealers? Along the same lines, prisons would actually be able to have room for rapists and murderers, not someone growing a plant. Also if marijuana was legal, we could utilize the hemp plant to make goods such as paper which could help with deforestation problems. LEGALIZE.

  5. reffer says:

    I think all these points are correct in all aspects it should be harder to get weed than it is to get beer or a smoke we all need to look at ourselfs and ask the same qustions that we are stating here on this site

    yours truely Reffer

  6. loco says:

    there are more uses than smoken and eating med. marijuana it can be used to make many many products such as rope, tp, paper, furnitures, clothing, shoes, boxes, sideing, roof shingles, shampoo, lotions, and many more i think it has endless potential as a whole plant.


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