MADD’s Has Strengthened Drunk Driving Laws in 24 States

Ignition interlock laws protect the public and stop drunk driving When Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) launched its Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving® in the fall of 2006, one state, New Mexico, had an all-offender ignition interlock law. Since then,
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A Large Winter Storm Has Blanketed The Philadelphia Area

The storm across the U.S. was leading to a " number of accidents, including a fatal crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Morgantown that led to a series of fender-benders involving 50 cars that stranded some motorists for up to seven hours. More than two dozen (more...)

New U.S. Monuments Honor History, Preserve Environment

President Obama signed proclamations March 25 establishing five new U.S. national monuments, using his authority under the Antiquities Act, which celebrates American’s rich history and natural heritage. Located in Delaware, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio and Washington, the monuments help tell the story of significant people and extraordinary (more...)

The Winter Storm Is Arriving In Pennsylvania

According to Fox News, "rain, strong wind gusts of up to 60 miles-per-hour and snow are all expected to be part of a storm set to arrive in our area overnight. Winter storm watches go in effect Wednesday afternoon for several counties, while a winter storm warning (more...)

Winter Storm Is Coming To Philadelphia

Did you buy shovels, sleds, skis or snow blowers? It is looks like we should use them on these weekend. According to news agencies, "impressive snowfall totals are likely with the Nor’easter heading here overnight and thru the morning hours on Friday." Friday will be rainy & windy, with a (more...)

Scientists to Discuss Health of River and Bay in Wake of Record Storms

Cape May, N.J. — Hundreds of environmental educators, managers, and scientists will converge on Cape May’s Grand Hotel for the Delaware Estuary Science & Environmental Summit.  Dozens of experts are scheduled to give over 130 presentations.  However, talk outside the lecture (more...)

Hair Cuttery Salons Partner with Krausey’s Koats to Help Folks Stay Warm

Hair Cuttery salons in the tri-state area will not only be helping you to LOOK good this holiday season but will also help you to FEEL good – and to do some good as well. The 120 Hair Cuttery salons throughout the (more...)

Voters Elect Governors in 13 Jurisdictions in November 6 Election

By Bridget Hunter Staff Writer Late on November 6, the race for White House was the center of attention as election returns trickled in from across the United States, but results also were being reported in another 13 chief executive contests. Voters in the states of Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, (more...)

Pennsylvania: Power Should Be Restored Soon

According to CBS News, " the following power outages remain as a result of Hurricane Sandy in Pa., NJ and Delaware. November 2, 2012: PECO: 110,000 (next update is mid-morning) -Bucks County: 62,500…Most Bucks County outages are in Bristol, Northampton, and Falls -Montgomery County: 36,000 -Chester County: 5,000 -Delaware County: 3,500 -Philadelphia County: 3,000 JCP&L: 706,176 -Burlington County: (more...)

U.S. Response to Natural Disasters Taps Broad Range of Assets

By Bridget Hunter Staff Writer When disaster strikes the nation, all elements of the U.S. government work together to save and sustain lives and restore livelihoods. Superstorm Sandy is no exception. At the direction of President Obama, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), working closely with state and local governments, (more...)

Head Lice Outbreaks Since Spring Break Due

CBS News reported, that "Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware have seen an increase in lice outbreaks since students have returned to school from spring break". Ilene Steinberg is the co-owner of Lice Lifters, a professional head lice removal company in Philadelphia. She explained to CBS News, why spring break (more...)

Flu Or Cold?

Do you have a cough or runny nose? Feeling tired and rundown? It could be a cold, or even worse, the flu. The flu and cold season started. "Sporadic cases in Pennsylvania, and little to no activity in New Jersey and Delaware. But the season is just getting started, and (more...)

Minimum Wage Amendment

State Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione said today she will continue to push for an update to Pennsylvania’s minimum wage law, after a Senate committee voted to avoid a decision. The Senate Labor and Industry committee tabled a Tartaglione amendment that would have tied Pennsylvania’s minimum wage (more...)

Hurricane Irene & Philadelphia Area

Hurricane Irene barreled into the Philadelphia region Saturday night. "This is one of the worst storm events that has hit Philadelphia in the last 50 years," Nutter said. With tropical force winds extending across 290 miles, Irene made a slow march up the 1-95 corridor. Most at (more...)

The Delaware River Duckboat Tragedy Under Investigation

The Delaware River Duckboat Tragedy Under Investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board, on Monday, released transcripts for the event in the Delaware River last summer when an immobilized Ride the Ducks boat collided with a barge.  Two Hungarian teenagers were the only fatalities of the accident which involved 35 passengers and two crew members on the Ride (more...)