Trump’s Egyptian-born Economic Adviser Focuses On Jobs and Women

By Mark Trainer Dina Habib Powell, President Trump’s senior counselor for economic initiatives, brings a wealth of public-sector experience as well as private-sector know-how to the White House. When Trump announced his plan to appoint Powell, he said she would build new
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Zuckerberg Makes $45 Billion Charity Pledge to Baby Daughter

VOA News Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan introduced their new baby daughter to the world Tuesday along with a $45 billion initiative to improve the lives of those in her generation and those that follow. Presented as a letter to Max, who was born last week, Zuckerberg and (more...)

Second Annual ThinkFest Kicks Off — a Weeklong Event

Second Annual ThinkFest Kicks Off — a Weeklong Event Featuring Dynamic Speakers, Unique Entertainment and Smart Conversation about the Future of Philadelphia Prominent speakers to include M. Night Shyamalan, Chris Matthews, Marc Vetri and Kathleen Kane Organizers of ThinkFest announced their second annual program, which will be held from Nov. 4-9. (more...)

Doing Well by Doing Good

What is social entrepreneurship? Employing tactics from government, civil society and the private sector, social entrepreneurship seeks to address social issues through collaborative creation and widespread adoption of new solutions. Social entrepreneurs see social issues as opportunities to create positive change. They aim to achieve this change (more...)

Why Did You Become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs from around the world explain how and why they became successful.

Craig Newmark
I’m an accidental entrepreneur, having started Craigslist around 16 years ago as a hobby. The deal was to give back to the nascent online community, since [Internet users] were very helpful even back then. However,

Starting Your Own Small Business

Owning and operating a successful business can be a very satisfying way to earn a living and, at the same time, become financially self-reliant. But before starting, one should take careful measure of some of the factors that can nurture success and minimize failure. (more...)

Federal Fundung For Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses

– Acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank, Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator Karen Mills, Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter and Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande, Co-Chairman of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE), celebrated new federal support for innovative entrepreneurs, small businesses, research and commercialization innovation at a (more...)

Regional Confab To Build US Entrepreneurship

The White House is hosting seven forums throughout the country: lawmakers from Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware, along with small business leaders, held a roundtable discussion on how to encourage entrepreneurship and create more jobs. One of those forums was held in Philadelphia, at Temple University. CBS Philadelphia reported, (more...)

US Bankruptcy Laws: Promote Entrepreneurship

Business failure in the United States, unlike in many other countries, is not regarded negatively. In fact, U.S. bankruptcy laws are structured so that those who fail in business are encouraged to continue entrepreneurial pursuits. "If a business in the United States fails, the individual can move on with his or (more...)

Laid-Off Workers Turn to Entrepreneurship

When Lehman Brothers collapsed, Lynn Gray, 60, who had worked at the investment bank as a manager for 11 years, faced a dilemma. Despite her wealth of experience, she could not find another job on Wall Street. Having severance pay and an idea born from her side job (more...)

Why Start A Business In Philadelphia

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Government’s Role in Encouraging Small Business

With most of the world’s business being conducted by small entrepreneurs, it makes good economic sense for governments to implement policies that encourage small-business growth. The five ways in which government can have the most positive effect are by making capital more accessible, facilitating business education, promoting entrepreneurship, reducing regulatory (more...)