Philadelphia Land Bank Board Approves 2017 Strategic Plan

The Philadelphia Land Bank Board has approved the Land Bank’s 2017 Strategic Plan. The 2017 Strategic Plan will be submitted to City Council this week for its consideration.  The Strategic Plan analyzes market conditions and resident needs and identifies opportunities
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Philadelphia Metro Area Household Income at $60.105 in 2012

Philadelphia Metro Area’s Household Income at $60,105 in 2012, American Community Survey Shows The U.S. Census Bureau reported today that the Philadelphia metro area’s median household income, poverty rate and uninsured rate were not statistically different from the year before. According to the 2012 American Community Survey, the (more...)

U.S. Commemorates International Roma Day

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, on behalf of President Obama, sent best wishes to all Roma on International Roma Day, April 8, and called for an end to the discrimination they continue to suffer. “Roma,” Kerry said, “face wide-ranging discrimination in access to education, employment, housing, (more...)

US Treasury to Sell Mortgage Assets

US Treasury to Sell Mortgage Assets

The US Treasury has decided to begin selling off a portion of the mortgage-backed securities purchased during the financial crisis.  The schedule would follow a $10 billion sale each month and is expected to generate a profit of $15-$20 billion.  This is plan is now being imposed in order to (more...)

Previously Owned Homes Sales Droped

Previously Owned Homes Sales Dropped

For the first time in three months, sales of previously owned homes have dropped, according to the National Association of Realtors.  There have been theories to why sales have not picked up including tight credit and contract cancellations.  Sales also continue to fall due to increased foreclosures and the high (more...)

The Number of Foreclosure Filings Tumbled

The Number of Foreclosure Filings Tumbled

The number of February foreclosure filings tumbled in New Jersey by 66 percent from January and by 50 percent from February 2010, greatly exceeding the national dip in filings, according to RealtyTrac. Pennsylvania saw a 16 percent drop in foreclosure filings from January and a 25 percent (more...)