Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law is In Full Effect

The legislature revised and updated the law in 2011 Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law is not affected by yesterday’s state Supreme Court decision in Commonwealth v. Neiman, Reps. Ron Marsico (R-Dauphin County) and Tom Caltagirone (D-Berks County), the majority and minority chairmen
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Supreme Court Decisions Highlight Evolving Nature of Civil Rights

By Bridget Hunter Staff Writer It might seem strange that in a government of the people, by the people and for the people, the guardianship of constitutional rights rests with nine individuals appointed for life, yet that model has served the United States effectively for more than two centuries. The (more...)

Justice in the Form of a New Law Served to PA Crime Victims

To the humble applause of Pennsylvania crime victims and their families, Rep. Mike Vereb’s legislation to give them the opportunity to have their voices heard during the parole process of an inmate was today signed into law by Gov. Tom Corbett at a bill signing held at the Capitol. “Today brings (more...)

Lev Green Heartens Readers to Contribute in the Tapestry of Judaism

He invites those who have become disconnected from their Judaism to make it part of their core BROOKLINE, Mass. -- Author Lev Green encourages individual Jews, and especially those who have become disconnected from their religion, to understand the role they have to play in contributing to the tapestry of (more...)

Race is Not the Issue, Says Project 21 Black Conservative Network

Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are criticizing the lawyer of an abortion doctor for playing the 'race card' to defend his client against gruesome charges that the doctor, who is black, murdered a patient and born-alive babies during abortion procedures. "Are there no depths to which those employing (more...)

Justices Who Change

By Linda Greenhouse Linda Greenhouse is Knight Distinguished Journalist in Residence and Joseph Goldstein Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut. From 1978 to 2008, she covered the Supreme Court for the New York Times. The Supreme Court’s outlook is much more than the (more...)

New Law Honors The Late Plymouth Township Police Officer Brad Fox

New law honors the late Plymouth Township Police Officer Brad Fox In remembrance of the late Plymouth Township Police Officer Brad Fox, and in the presence of his family, lawmakers and law enforcement officers, Gov. Tom Corbett ceremonially signed Rep. Marcy Toepel’s (R-Mongomery) legislation, now Act 199 (more...)

Protest Against the ‘Right-To-Work’ Legislation In Michigan

Lansing, Michigan saw protest and confrontation, because of the law  "right-to-work" limiting union power, that have been passed by lawmakers in the state of Michigan.

About 12,000 people descended upon downtown to rally against the legislation that prohibits requiring nonunion employees to financially support


Blind Legislator-Elect Cites Education as Key to Success

By Kathryn McConnell Staff Writer Blind since childhood, Cyrus Habib says he “won the lottery of life.” That’s because he was born to parents with college educations, grew up in a neighborhood free from poverty and went to good public schools in Bellevue, Washington. The advantages Habib had early

Human Trafficking Bill Becomes Law

Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) announced that two companion bills to legislation he sponsored in the Senate have been signed into law by Gov. Corbett. H.B. 235 calls for the posting of a human trafficking hotline number in certain establishments across the state and H.B. 1616 (more...)

U.S. Envoy at OSCE on Parliamentary Elections in Georgia

United States Mission to the OSCE As delivered By Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Christopher Midura to the Permanent Council, Vienna October 15, 2012 Statement on Parliamentary Elections in Georgia On October 2, the United States Department of State released a statement by Secretary Hillary Clinton on last week’s parliamentary elections in Georgia. I

No Place for Stash When Crime Fighters Cooperate

This article is part of the eJournal USA issue "Partnerships Against Corruption."
By Christopher Connell Corruption has no borders, and corruption-related problems concern rich and poor countries alike. “You cannot deal with it just by pointing fingers at the developing world,” said Adrian Fozzard, director of the Stolen Asset Recovery

Does Pennsylvania Support Gay Marriage Legalization?

Though President Obama's view of gay marriage has evolved, few expect his historic Wednesday announcement to move the Pennsylvania legislature of its own on the issue. President Obama made his stance on the issue public  after North Carolina’s vote to define marriage as a union between heterosexual (more...)

Philadelphia Airport’s Gate Crashed By The Jeep Cherokee

Kenneth Mazik, 24, of Chadds Ford crashed his Jeep through a chain-link fence surrounding the Philadelphia International Airport along Hog Island Road on Thursday around 11 a.m. An affidavit by FBI Special Agent Megan MacDonald said to local media, that " an airplane was about to land (more...)

“Gathering Of Heroes” Event In The Irish Pubs

Local Celebrity Bartenders Include Philadelphia DA, Seth Williams & Montgomery County DA, Risa Ferman with proceeds benefiting The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation PHILADELPHIA, PA  - (February 29th, 2012) – The Irish Pub is proud to welcome FIVE Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, including Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Thornton, (more...)