Blast in St. Petersburg Metro Kills 11, Injures Dozens

VOA Russian authorities have identified a suspect in Monday's deadly subway bombing in St. Petersburg, the Interfax news agency reports. Interfax says police believe it was a suicide bombing, and they identified the alleged bomber as a 23-year-old man from Central Asia. The
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US Tightens Airport Security

VOA News The U.S. moved Friday to boost security at airports in the Middle East where passenger and cargo flights take off for the United States, even as investigators continue to probe whether a bomb brought down a Russian jetliner over the Sinai Peninsula last weekend. Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson said (more...)

Amtrak Train Crash: 7 Dead, More Than 200 Injured

At least seven people were killed and over 200 people hurt after an Amtrak Northeast Regional train en route from Washington to New York, carrying 238 passengers and five crew members, derailed and rolled onto its side in Port Richmond, near Philadelphia Tuesday night. According to VOA, " an (more...)

German Jet Crashes in The Alps, Killing More Then 150 Passengers and Six Crews

Early Tuesday a German A320 Airbushas crashed in the Alps in southern France, killing more then 150 passengers and six crews, according to news agencies.The Germanwings flight was travelling from Barcelona in Spain to Duesseldorf in Germany. The plane was 44 minutes into its flight in relatively clear weather when it (more...)

Philadelphia: Better Customer Experience With US Airways

More than $1 billion dollars in capital investment allocated for PHL The City of Philadelphia and US Airways announced agreement today on the terms of a two-year lease extension for Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) that runs through June 30, 2015. This extension reflects the objectives agreed upon by (more...)

Passenger Plane Failed Landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport

Fox News reported, that "a passenger plane overshot the runway at a Moscow airport Saturday, killing four of the eight people on board, according to emergency management officials." The four others were injured. Images of the scene show the aircraft split into several pieces, with the cockpit on (more...)

Airbus Made An Emergency Landing, Because Of The Captain

JetBluet Airbus A320 took off from New York en route to Las Vegas with 141 passengers and crew, but has made an emergency landing after the captain Clayton Osbon was restrained because of "erratic behavior". According to the media, he began running through the aisles, rant about a bomb and (more...)

The Delaware River Duckboat Tragedy Under Investigation

The Delaware River Duckboat Tragedy Under Investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board, on Monday, released transcripts for the event in the Delaware River last summer when an immobilized Ride the Ducks boat collided with a barge.  Two Hungarian teenagers were the only fatalities of the accident which involved 35 passengers and two crew members on the Ride (more...)