The $2.7 Million Project For Terminal Market

The $2.7 Million Project For Terminal Market

In 1993 the historical Reading Terminal Market on Avenue D in Philadelphia got heat and air-conditioning for the first time.

Now there is the second time, when the terminal’s management is preparing to renovate its eastern edge.

The 119-year-old terminal has to adapt to modern times. And if the Historical Commission gives final approval for the $2.7 million project this month, the new renovation will start. The project is being overseen by Architects’ Anthony Bracali.

The familiar thickset steel columns, the wood-ribbed ceiling and rough stone walls will untouched, but the avenue’s walk-in refrigerators and double-parked forklifts will banish to the basement, freeing the corridor for more food stalls, new kitchens, lecture room, large restrooms. 40 businesses are vying for the five new stalls that will be added to the existing  78.

The Beer Garden, the market’s central watering hole, has been sold to Iovine Brothers Produce, which plan to build Irish-inflected pub called Molly Mally. The new pub will open its door directly onto center court, according to the project.

New seating area has been designed with glass doors as a lecture space for the test kitchen. And it will be used almost like a theater.

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