“The Best 376 Colleges”

The Princeton Review is out with its annual college and university rankings It includes some information about Pennsylvania   region. The results found in a new book, The Best 376 Colleges, were based on voting by students, 122,000 of them.

Penn State University remains in the top 10, third for “Students Pack the Stadiums,” fourth for “Lots of Beer,” fifth among “Jock Schools,” and seventh for both “Happiest Students” and “Party Schools.”

Executive Director Roger Williams of the Penn State Alumni Association says to CBS News the rankings pump up what amounts to the Princeton Review’s commercial enterprise, to sell its guidebook, “And, accordingly, you have to have a new number one drinking school duly appointed every year.”

The Princeton Review’s list includes dozens of categories.

Bryn Mawr College has the best dorms, and is 4th for best campus food.

Swarthmore College was rated the top private school for “value” . This college offers the best financial aid.

Princeton is number two for financial aid and fifth for most beautiful campus.

Lehigh University was No. 2 for “Gown Town Relations Are Strained,” and seventh for “Major Frat and Sorority Scene.”

Temple University is No. 10 for “Lots of Race/Class Interaction,” but 12th for “Least Accessible Professors” and 18th for “Least Beautiful Campus.”

Drexel University appears at No. 12 for “This is a Library?” and No. 19 for “Top Entrepreneurial Programs: Undergraduate.”

Villanova‘s highest ranking is No. 14 for both “Little Race/Class Interaction” and “Financial Aid Not So Great.”

The University of Pennsylvania shows up only on two unranked lists: “Best Northeastern Colleges” and “Best Value Colleges.”

For more information, go to www.princetonreview.com.

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