The National Dog Show in Philadelphia

2,000 top dogs of more than 150 breeds padded through the National Dog Show, spread out across the expanse of the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in central Montgomery County.

At the show dogs and their owners compete for honors including first in group and the best in show. In some categories, the prize was… five dollars or less. Winners in the top tier will share $20,000, with $6,000 of that going to the best-in-show dog.

But the dog people weren’t here just for the money. “The fun is the opportunity to meet people in and out of the breed, – said one of the owner.- And you get people to see your dogs.”

So it was best opportunity to see some of the absolute best dogs in the country. There were judged against written standards of perfection. It was much more than exhibition and competition: a doggie-palooza, that attracts.

The National Dog Show consisted of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s two benched, all-breed shows. They were sanctioned by the American Kennel Club and help raise money for the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

It would be hard to imagine a friendlier, happier event.

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