Valentino Opened 3D Virtual Museum

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Legendary fashion designer Valentino Garavani introduced at the Museum of Modern Art in New York the first digital exhibition – The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum.

Over 5000 documents have been installed in a 3D. After downloading the desktop application each visitor can create their unique route through the galleries, to discover and enjoy every aspect of Valentino’s extraordinary world, the official web-site of his company said.

Three hundred dresses are on display in total.

” Moreover, there is also a display of special events and exhibitions from the pair’s history celebrated with photos and video – from the 1968 White Collection to the 2011 White Fairy Tale Love Ball.

From sketches, illustrations and advertising campaigns to editorials and events, the museum is a complete display of the historical creations by the luxury house”, International Business Time said.

“In fashion today there is not enough dream,” Garavani admitted in the interview, “But you can capture dream in a museum.”

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