Which Green Cars Are Going To Buy In 2011?

Which Green Cars Are Going To Buy In 2011

Which green cars are going to buy, if you want to save extra money for gas?

There’s a group of electric vehicles coming from major manufacturers in 2011. Some of them are based on production cars that have already succeeded in the marketplace.

Chevrolet Volt offers up to 50 miles of all-electric driving, and then another 250 miles with the gas motor running. It is of-the-art dash display and advanced connectivity. Price is $41,000, but the pain will be eased with a $7,500 federal income tax credit and extra subsidies in many states.

Another one is little battery car Nissan Leaf, which is why you see ads.

The Leaf goes about 100 miles on a charge and coast $32,790, has a leg up, subsidies for chargers in many launch market. Production is sold out for 2010, so you’ll have to get on the 2011 waiting list.

Fisker Karma is scheduled to hit the market in March 2011. It is more than 5,000 pounds and offers 50 miles in battery mode/

Price is $87,900 before rebates. But the early production is sold out, and there’s extraordinary interest

Nobody heard about AMP Electric Equinox, which goes 120 miles on a charge. Cincinnati-based AMP Electric Vehicles just announced a 1,000-SUV order over five years from Iceland’s Northern Lights Energy.

It has a good shot at getting into a number of corporate and government fleets. The AMP Equinox is fast and solid. Price is $25,000. On you can order it right now.

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