Young Lawbreakers At Philadelphia Mall

Young Lawbreakers At Philadelphia Mall

One day last week 35 teenagers met at Wendy’s around dinnertime at 15th and Chestnut, in Center City and started to hassle pedestrians, overturned tables and display signs in the Liberty Place mall.

But police officers quickly quelled the unrest by arresting five teens 14-17 years old and dispersing others.

Daily News said, that “police spokesman, Raymond Evers pointed out the differences between Wednesday night’s marauders and the flash-mobbing troublemakers who repeatedly terrorized passers-by and vandalized property last spring and in 2009. Then, city leaders, concerned that the young lawbreakers would tarnish tourism and imperil residents, beefed up patrols and held community meetings to discourage mobbing.”

Police have stepped up patrols in the evening hours.

Some stores, like the Apple store on Walnut Street near 16th, have restricted how much time teens can spend in their stores, Evers said.

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