“The Christmas Truce of 1914” at Fort Mifflin

December 1914 marked the first holiday season in the trenches along the Western Front of World War I.  Soldiers who entered the war jubilant and hopeful learned the harsh reality of trench warfare and faced a cold and lonely holiday far from loved ones.

An extraordinary yet unofficial event occurred on Christmas Eve along areas of the Western Front.  A spontaneous peace came upon the trenches as men on both sides of the front sang Christmas carols and exchanged greetings.  Some soldiers ventured out of their trenches and met in “no man’s land” to share photos of loved ones and holiday gifts of sweets and tobacco.  In some areas this truce extended for several days and included games of soccer.

Take time out of your hectic holiday schedule and experience this moment of humanity exhibited in the midst of war as Fort Mifflin brings “The Christmas Truce of 1914” to life.  From 3 PM till 7 PM you can visit with German, British and French soldiers, enjoy uniform and weapons demonstrations and share complimentary refreshments courtesy of the Olde Fort Mifflin Historical Society.  The candle-lit Fort will be the backdrop for the dramatic presentation of the Truce at 5 PM.

Fort Mifflin was a Naval Ammunition Depot during this time period and visitors will enjoy guided tours of the fort, including the casemates and magazines in use at that time.

Join us at Fort Mifflin on Saturday December 8th from 3 PM till 7 PM.  Admission tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for seniors, $4 for Veterans or students.

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