14-Year-Old Driver Kills In Northeast, Philadelphia

Thursday, June 30th, Winston Charleston, a 14-year-old boy from Bensalem, borrowed his mother’s car what he hoped would be a joy ride.

Unfortunately, any joy was soon taken out of it.  Failing to turn on his lights for the entirety of the ride, Charleston hit a VW Jetta at 2 AM.  Inside the Jetta was Bensalem resident Dan Fouracre, 22, who was killed instantly.  His girlfriend, Jessica Feldman, 20, is in the ICU suffering serious injuries.

The wreck occurred on Academy Road near Willits Road in Northeast Philadelphia.

Charleston will be charged with murder.  Any juvenile in the state of Pennsylvania charged with any degree of murder is tried as an adult.  Bensalem police notified Dan Fouracre’s parents at 4:30 AM.  “It’s any parent’s nightmare,” said Bruce Fouracre, continuing, “As soon as we saw them at the door, we knew what was going on.” It’s instances like this where it does not matter how “good” or “careful” of a driver you may be, because there are always Winston Charlestons on the road.  Bruce Fouracre’s last statement to police was, “It’s hard to even call it an accident. It’s just a tragic event.”

Danielle Petersen


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