Электронные сигареты не могут быть доступны подросткам

Сенатор Пенсильвании Тим Солобей на основании отчета из Центра по контролю и профилактике заболеваний призвал  к быстрому законодательному акту о продаже электронных сигарет несовершеннолетним.

“Мы не знаем многого о долгосрочном использовании электронных сигарет,-  сказал Солобей. – Рост использования несовершеннолетними – тревожная тенденция, которая должна быть остановлена.”

Сегодня CDC объявил, что использование электронных сигарет, которые поставляют подобный дыму пар, содержащий никотин и другие химикаты, удвоилось через один год среди учащихся 6- 12 классов. В сообщении говорилось, что 160,000 подростков, которые никогда не курили сигареты, использовали электронные сигареты в 2012.

“Важно, чтобы мы могли быстро принять законы о новых тенденциях на потребительском рынке,- сказал Солобей. – Электронные сигареты могли помочь многим взрослым остановить употребление более вредных табачных изделий, но они могли также спровоцировать курение у подростков.”

Солобей предложил законопроект Senate Bill 1055 в начале этого года, когда  понял, что электронные сигареты не запрещены  законом Пенсильвании, который запрещает продажу сигарет и других табачных изделий несовершеннолетним.

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  1. Jeff Hundley says:

    E-cigarettes have saved my life. I smoked at least two packs of non filter cigarettes everyday for 36 years, from the age of 16 to the age of 52. I tried to quit using various methods including cold turkey, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers and even hypnotism. Nothing worked until I tried e-cigarettes last October. I have stayed away from regular cigarettes for almost a year now, with no withdrawal symptoms. I no longer have the phlegm and lung congestion that had developed over the years. My smokers cough is gone completely. I can run and exercise without getting out of breath. I can smell a smoker from twenty feet away now, and it stinks. I’m ashamed to have subjected family, friends and strangers to that smell for so many years. I have gone from the highest nicotine level that is available from e-cig manufacturers, to the lowest. My next step is the 0 nicotine content vapor, and then to quit completely. This is my real life study of the health effects of E Cigarettes, and the only one that counts for me.

    I personally think that they should not be advertised on TV or print ads at all. I think when other smokers see the success of their vaping friends then the product speaks for itself. I think that official age restrictions are a good idea too, but all of the retailers that I know of already have voluntarily put these in place anyway.

    Make laws prohibiting use of by minors, and sale to minors, and make examples out of those who break those laws, but don’t take it away from adults. Minors apparently need a full time nanny, but adults do not.

  2. It is the nicotine, folks, not the smoke.
    Nicotine is, perhaps, the most addictive drug known to man.
    It is, certainly, the most addictive licit drug.
    The latest study out of Virginia Tech shows that nicotine, itself, is equally as dangerous as the tar and other poisons in tobacco smoke.

    E-Cigarettes are just another way to make money off of nicotine junkies. Do not be deceived by the “safety” hype.

    If you want to kick the nicotine monkey off your back, get “Stop Smoking and Lose Weight: A Buddhadharmically Enhanced Alchemical Transmutation Process,” by Tharpa Lodro

    And just do it.

  3. Number of electronic cigarettes are purchased by the public will continue to increase over time. All smokers are getting information from other smokers that these products are not harmful.


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