A Bust of Ben Franklin Was Back To Philadelphia Suburb

A bust of Ben Franklin was back home to the Philadelphia region.

The porcelain sculpture valued at $3 million was stolen from the home of  lawyer George A. D’Angelo, Bryn Mawr, Pa., this August.

Authorities arrested a former housekeeper –  Andrea Lawton, accused of stealing the artwork from her former client, who they said was carrying the stolen sculpture in a bag on a bus in Maryland, according to media.

A bust is a 1778 plaster of Paris creation by French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon.

“This is a great treasure,” D’Angelo, 85, who lives in suburbs of Philadelphia, told Reuters. “The bust, which I feel is so magnificent, actually belongs to all of us… It is a treasure of the United States of America”.

Lawton was charged with illegally transporting the stolen bust across state lines, a federal offense, authorities said.

D’Angelo said he was told that the bust is now cracked across the chest, and he hopes it can be restored.

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