A Fiery Blast In Allentown

At least three people, ranged in age from 4 months to 79 years old, were killed from the blast suspected of being caused by natural gas, three other people were missing, eight people were treated for minor injuries, local press said.

It happened yesterday night in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The blaze leveled two rowhouses and severely damaged six others.  47 properties including 10 businesses were damaged either by the blast, flames, water…

A lot of people were evacuated from a apartment complex, near rowhouses. They could return home by mid-morning.

Officials said, “the incident has the look and feel of a natural gas explosion. The 12-inch low pressure main involved in the incident had no leak history and the Pennsylvania-based natural gas and electric company had done a routine check for leaks on that street on Tuesday with no findings”.

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