About Us

Who We Are:

Thephilanews.com is the website for Philadelphia News, the leading Russian language newspaper in the Philadelphia area that has been catering to the Russian speaking community for over 15 years. We recognize the media gap that exists between the Russian and American communities due to language, cultural and other barriers and we strive to bridge this gap by packaging mainstream local and national content in ways that are relatable to our readers. However, our focus is primarily on original local, but also national information on matters and issues that are important to and have the greatest impact on our particular readers.

Our Mission:

To bring our readers intriguing, inspiring, eclectic, informative, useful and entertaining content that is fresh and important to their daily lives, to create a virtual gathering place for the community and to help ease the integration process for immigrants. We make every effort to present our readers with media products of the highest quality that feature news, events, arts, culture, entertainment as well as services in business, real estate, technology, politics, and classifieds.

Our Logo:

At the center of Philadelphia, right across from our iconic 19th century City Hall, lies a 45 foot tall pop-art clothespin. Unlike many other Philadelphia symbols such as the Liberty Bell, William Penn and the skyline, we wanted a logo that is unique but still symbolizes Philadelphia and our company values. Lying at the heart of the city, this colossal pop-art statement has become a city landmark that is difficult to miss. Designed by Claes Oldenberg, who immigrated to the US from Sweden as a child, and installed in 1976, the clothespin represents our values of unique, intriguing and eclectic content that we provide to our readers.


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