AdmitSee As a Unique Resource For College Applicants

By Miriam Khazanov

Ask any high school junior or senior and they will tell you that applying to a selective college is now harder than ever. Whether this is due to population growth, or regional or international competition, the college application process has become incredibly rigorous and

While there are market products that provide application guidance (such as college entrance guidebooks) books simply do not provide students with what they need to fully understand for this process. The ratio of college counselors to public school students is a
horrifying 1:471! Hiring private college counselors and consultants can cost an enormous sum, and for the majority of parents it is simply something they cannot afford.
The technology scene for college admissions counseling hasn’t improved much in over the past 10 years. Currently, College Confidential remains the most popular source of information, an online forum that discuss popular topics such as admissions chances, financial
aid, standardized testing and school life. However, the ugly side is that there is a rampant lack of credibility of sources and a blind acceptance of whatever is posted.That’s why UPenn graduates Lydia Fayal and Stephanie Shyu took advantage of today’s shortage of EdTech websites and created

AdmitSee is a verified, social media platform that allows current undergraduate and graduate students to share their application details and advice with prospective students. The mission of AdmitSee is to finally bring transparency and level the college admissions playing field by providing an affordable alternative to hiring private counseling.

Fayal explains: “We’re empowering users to make better decisions about where they apply and how they communicate their strengths.”
The creators of AdmitSee have constructed a mutually beneficial system for all. When someone buys a profile, 50 percent goes to the college student who shared the content, aka the “Admit,” five percent goes to the person who referred the “Admit,” and five percent goes to the
person who referred the buyer. The remaining amount is used for digital marketing and new
features. In terms of verification, the site confirms students using their school IDs, so applicants will know they’re getting material from a real college student versus a “troll” from College Confidential.
Looking into the future, the company is planning on rolling out additional levels of verification for students who send a PDF of their common application and test scores. AdmitSee also plan to upload videos from incoming freshman about their experience starting at different
colleges, send out bi-weekly newsletters for all users, and offer essay editing services to all applicants, as well as a growing internship program.
Within the haze of application season coming up, AdmitSee emerges as a unique, straight-from-the-source and inexpensive resource for college applicants looking to estimate the likelihood of success in their dream schools and find inspiration for their personal applications.

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