Aftershock of 5.9 Earthquake Hits Philadelphia

Aftershock of 5.9 Earthquake Hits Philadelphia

Living in Center City, Philadelphia, there are things that I get to experience that most other parts of the state, or even country, don’t—the best cheesesteaks around, water-ice at every corner… earthquakes.  Wait, what?  On August 23rd around 1:50 PM, Philadelphia was hit with the aftershock of an earthquake.

After hitting Virginia, the aftershock of the quake hit Philadelphia.  After the ground shook and pictures fell, cellphone reception was down and the streets became filled with ambulances.

The earthquake, which was a 5.9 in magnitude, had tremors that were reportedly felt as far north as Rhode Island.  Earthquakes are something we Philadelphians are used to hearing about, reading about, but certainly not experiencing.

As my couch shook and I looked down at the vibrating floor in horror, I realized how ill-prepared we are for earthquakes in the old buildings and cobblestone streets that make up Philadelphia.

I’ll stick with the cheesesteaks and water-ice, thanks.

Danielle Petersen

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