Amsterdam’s prostitutes targeted by Dutch tax officials

The world’s crisis has influenced everyone. And Denmark is not an exception. The country suffers budget deficit just like everybody else. That’s why the Dutch government has decided to strengthen country’s economy by making prostitutes pay taxes. However, considering them victims of pimps and other traffickers, their taxation would be more indulgent.

The prostitution industry in the country generates about 800 million US dollars a year. Untaxed. State profit from these prospective taxpayers looks like a titbit to the Dutch government.

A huge amount of sex workers from all over the world come to the European Sin City — Amsterdam. Famous red-light district is filled with girls of every color and nationality, from Danmark as well. As prostitution in Amsterdam was legalized, sex workers from the district got a status of self-employees. And naturally — they have to pay taxes. Some of such “businesswomen” are even happy — tax laws would strike foreign ladies of pleasure, who come there to earn fast money and leave.

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  1. Luke says:

    Can some one email me about this picture please

  2. Mary says:

    Amsterdam is in the Netherlands, not Denmark.


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