Atheists And Catholics Billboard Fight

US Catholics and atheists are fighting over the holiday season with dueling billboards on opposite sides of the Hudson River separating New York and New Jersey.
Catholics' Response
The American Atheists organization fired the opening shot with its billboard on Route 495 in North Bergen, New Jersey. They want to spread the word that whole nativity scene is a myth with three wise men and two figures in a manger.

Catholics League responded in kind with a billboard of their own in the side of the tunnel announcing “You Know it’s Real.”

So, what is about?

“American Atheists and the Catholic League use capitalization loosely. They also have strong marketing budgets. Other than that, well, we’re fairly certain that the days of civil discourse may be dead. Perhaps good old-fashioned debate can be resurrected? Happy holidays (or not, if, you know, holidays aren’t your thing)”, – press responded. .

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